Person Said a Swear word at Church


This guy, 67, who goes to noon mass Monday through Saturday -
( his home church is somewhere else )
said a swear word - in describing a region of town populace - ( the A word swear, pluralized)
In the pew - ten minutes before the rosary -
And he leads - one of the decades !
Today he did “ the finding of Jesus in the Temple “

But I’m kicking myself, still, days later,
Should I have shushed him - (as he spoke to a 80 year older )

This guy has a serious problem chatting before mass -
Before rosary, immediately after rosary, a tough guy type, brash, etc.

I know nothing can be done with the top chatter box -
But when he swore - in the sacred walls of a church -
I got angry inwardly -
I’m still angry - but now at myself - for not shushing him.

Anyone ever deal with such a thing ?


No. Let it go. It might have been a slip of the tongue, or maybe this person doesn’t understand that swearing is not considered acceptable in a church. If it’s a continuous problem, feel free to gently bring it up to him about how it’s not appropriate, but getting mad hardly ever helps the situation.


It’s true. But he SHOULD know better …

And he always gives me an angry or dirty look -
whenever he struts into church - and sees me there before him -
( that’s if we make eye contact )

And I did overhear him - how he brought a Priest out to dinner last week…etc
“ they don’t get out much, you know “


While coarse language in church is rude, it is hardly something about which to get your feathers ruffled.


Don’t tell someone who is significantly older than you the rules of politeness. If the 80 year old guy had a problem with it, it was his place to correct him, not yours.

Presuming you are 50ish or under.


Maybe you should talk to him to see if he has a problem with you.


Gotta be honest, I probably wouldn’t have noticed. I hear worse than that most days of my life. … But unless you were in the party he was talking to/with, I’d let it go. Someone policing people at Mass would perturb me more than someone using a swear word (probably out of habit).


I had a couple of folks who bugged me at church, chatting, demeanor, etc. I was told to pray for them and now they make me smile. They haven’t changed, I have.


Unless he was standing in the middle of Church screaming profanities, it really isn’t your place to rebuke him, especially since you don’t have a good relationship with him. One stray word, while disrespectful, doesn’t mean you should get in his business and correct him.

If he is brash and chatty and loud in Church, I would hope the priest might notice and say something. I am assuming he is aware of this man since he comes to mass every day. Let the priest handle it if necessary.

Pray for him and all who are loud and chatty, just like @Dlee suggested. Focusing on yourself is a better use of your time while at Mass.

Maybe bring earplugs so you’re not distracted next time. :wink:


I think you should do a fast of bread and water for 30 days to amend this abomination. :smiley:



My one older brother used every cuss word you can imagine and then some and swear he didn’t. I don’t think he realized that he did as he always had a confused look if you mentioned it to him. I think he was part and parcel of ‘man talk’ of the times.

I think you just have to let it go. Also, this may be the only chance he gets to socialize. Accept no one is perfect and that is hard to’retrain an old dog.’


I had a really kind woman befriend me and she talked to me quite a bit DURING the Mass. I just simply said 3rd time she sat by me "Hi so and so it’s so good to see you, talk to you after Mass.


OP seems you are investing emotional energy in what others are/aren’t doing in church. Time wasted imo.

I’m sure the Lord is thrilled they are there.


I heard a female use the f word in my church and it annoyed me a lot. Though the conversation skipped a beat no one said a word because frankly she is a robust and fractious character. When she did it again I mentioned it privately to one of the stalwarts and she agreed that she had admonished her several times for her language in church. That was the end of the matter but I must be honest and say that one day this user of course language asked me to arrange a temporary sun shield for her and I told her that I was simply too busy. I was busy, I didn’t lie but normally I’d have accommodated her willingly and I didn’t.

I think it’s a good idea to pray for someone who may be attracting the wrong sort of attention by using coarse language in church. I also don’t think we should take such things lightly but conversely we shouldnt give them the power to upset us either.

There should be no profanity in the house of God, we all know that.


Why does that bother you so?


Seems like you may have some animosity towards the guy that is making you unhealthily angry at this.

That isn’t the best choice of words but it isn’t the worst thing either. I’d let it go.


I don’t know the circumstances but sometimes someone has a bad day, something terrible has happened or they are ailing or the heat or cold in the winter has them uncomfortable. I’d be careful from letting it happen repeatedly.


Ok the a…etc word to describe people is not a profanity/curse but it makes unclean the house of God and it corrupts the listener imo. I’m not a prude, I can assure you I’ve heard a lot of bad language, in the past I’ve even used it myself to express anger etc but it defiles you and those who hear it. it is a corrupting influence and we shouldn’t let it become the norm in our everyday conversations I believe.
Avoid such godless chatter, for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness” (2 Tim. 2:16).
And Our Lord warns us
“I tell you, on the day of judgment men will render account for every careless word they utter; for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned” (Matt. 12:36).

I try to remember that we are told the path to heaven is narrow.


Hell, er, I mean, heck, I heard a eucharistic minister take God’s name in vain in the church kitchen when he dropped something. I didn’t see if he went to confession before mass, but he was in the communion line.

Some of these cranky older guys really bother me. And they wonder why the younger guys do not want to get involved with K of C.


Maybe you misheard him. Could he have been talking about the town’s nice flagpoles?

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