I’m sorry I just don’t get this explanation of person. A substance that has no accidents. The host has accidents but it’s substance is the body after transubstantiation. Can someone help me with this page?

I’m no philosopher, but I think they are trying to emphasize that a person has to have a body in order to be a person, so the body is not an “accident.”

The appearance of bread and wine is an accident of the Body and Blood of Christ, and a miracle.

That is a theological discussion. Just go by what the Catechism says. You don’t have to reason it through. First of all Transubstantion is a miracle. You cannot explain that. So just accept what the Church says and forget about the reasoning. That’s what I do.


The main reason why I wanted to understand person is because God’s personage is three. So a person doesn’t have to have a body because God has no body and 3 persons.

No, you don’t have to have a body. Angels are persons too. Any living being with an intellect and will is a person.


A person is describing a substance without it’s accident isn’t it? And in the hypostatic union we have two natures in one person.

I’ll try to be as accurate as I can so please accept my limitations. When we speak of the Holy Eucharist we believe that when the priest consecrates by using Christs words at the Last Supper the host is changed into the Body, Soul and Divinity of Christ. The Father and The Holy Spirit are there too. We call it the transubstantiation, the substance of bread changes into the Body of Christ. The accidents remain, that is the appearance of bread, taste, size, weight , texture and so forth The same happens to the wine when consecrated. Both species contain The Full Divinity. It is the change of the substance of bread into the substance of Christs Body, Soul and Divinity. There are Christian Faiths that don’t take Jesus’ words literally, but figuratively. We Catholics believe it be be literal, I speak of the power of Consecration. We even have miracles centered on the Holy Eucharist to confirm the reality of the Consecration Act.

The substance of humans is matter, and spirit. Moderns science does not recognize the soul which is spirit. Modern science doesn’t even recognize miracles, they never have an explanation for the phenomenon. :thumbsup:

I think the Mass and the Absolution are probably two of the most important sacraments IMO. I would love to study the parts of the Mass. But let me ask for now is that where we get our “power” from? I guess I would be speaking of faith and our strengthened resistance to temptations? I believe the crucifixtion is happening outside of time. And it is always there. We are taken to the foot of the cross during Mass and give up our burdens. I don’t know what metaphysical “part” of us goes but I have felt forgiveness during Mass probably for venial sin.

We get our power of Faith, Hope and Love from the Holy Spirit. Jesus sent His Holy Spirit and gave His Apostles the power to declare that Jesus was the Messiah, God-man the Son of God. By the Holy Spirit they were able to perform miracles. The Holy Spirit did this to confirm their message about Jesus. All of the Sacraments are important. The first, Baptism is necessary to become an adopted child of God, liberated from Satans’ rule. The second, Confirmation gives us the spiritual strength to live and profess our faith. The third, Holy Eucharist, the Presence of Jesus in physical form (through faith) to worship, to unite, to thank , to petition, to sanctify His people. Holy Orders, priests are necessary to consecrate at Mass, to bring Christs’ presence in physical form on earth, and to forgive as God authorizes them to do. Holy Matrimony, to unite man and woman in faith and love to bring children into the world to perpetuate humanity to sanctify their lives by doing so, and to guide their children in the ways of the Lord. The sacrament of Reconciliation, to provide forgiveness for faults and sins, receive spiritual guidance The sacrament of Healing, to provide spiritual and sometimes physical healing in cases of infirmity and dying where we need peace and spiritual strength. The death of Christ is mystical ,at Mass, Christ died once for all. It is believed that all the Faithful are united to Christ in the Mystical Body of Christ and share His death and Resurrection in living a Christian life, this is a mystery of faith. :slight_smile:

But we can become weak in faith. As I understand it taking communion strengthens us. Mortal sins takes away the graces of faith hope and charity. If I remember right.

Correct, by the Sacrament of Reconciliation you are restored , you are once again in the state of Grace. By receiving frequent Communion you grow in Virtue, and love of God. Not only that I understand the Devil fears those that do. It does effect your personality for the better, makes you more like Christ. A transformation process is taking place by the work of the Holy Spirit who molds us to the image of Christ. :thumbsup:

When Jesus was was born he had skin color, hair, facial features, weight, size.
Those were things that we could see and measure. But they did not make who Jesus was. If he lost hair, he was still Jesus. If he changed his color, he was still Jesus. These things did not make Jesus who he was, but were extraneous to him.

That is the way with the Real body and blood of Jesus. Color, size, taste, are extraneous to Eucharistic Jesus. The wine can be of any color and bread of any size.

What happens to the color and taste of the wine when the wine becomes his blood?
Nothing. It stays the same. But what made this substance to be wine is gone. In its place is the substance of Jesus, who now maintains the original color and taste of wine. St. Thomas says this is almost a miracle when the words of consecration are said.

And he did this obviously so that we could take it into our body as food to feed our souls. If it had the appearance and taste of real blood, it would upset us.

However the effects of the Eucharist on us also depends our our state of soul and our desire. The more we prepare our thoughts of desire and love, the more He will grace us. Some receive much, with others may receive little or any. Our preparation and love is very important. Whether we yearn for him or just walk up and walk back.

“I am the real bread that has come down from heaven…”

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