Personal Bible Study/Devotionals for Women?


I’m looking for a good Bible study or devotional to use as part of my daily walk with the Lord. I’d love one that’s geared toward women, or studies women of the Bible, or something like that.

Have any of you had good experiences with any studies/devotionals that you’d recommend?

Thanks so much!


While I am not a woman and so have not done this study, my wife has started the “Woman of Grace” Bible study her friend has enjoyed emmensly.

God Bless.


I second the above recommendation. Emmaus Road Publications also has a great Women’s Bible Study series by Stacy Mitch (wife of Curtis Mitch who is co-author of the Ignatius Study Bible with Scott Hahn):

Courageous Bible Study series


Thanks for the suggestions!


I can recommend both Women of Grace and the 3 Stacy Mitch books! Women of Grace is a good place to start. (I like the book/workbook much better than the DVDs) Stacy Mitch does a great job with her books, and they lend themselves to either individual or group study.


Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll probably start with Women of Grace since I’ve gotten that suggested to me so much! :smiley:


How could I forget the offerings of Kimberly Hahn?
*]Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage
*]Graced and Gifted: Biblical Wisdom for the Homemaker’s Heart




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