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The new missals were out in the pews yesterday. Our church keeps them in plastic sleeves which are sometimes, more often than not, cumbersome. I wouldn’t be opposed to having my own so I’m looking for suggestions.

I don’t necessarily want the full-sized missal the church maintains but would like to have one I can carry with me. Something with the order of the mass, the liturgical prayers, and the readings. I guess the drawback is you have to purchase one every calendar year, but that’s not out of the question.

Have you considered the Daily Roman Missal?


Have you considered an app for your phone that would serve the purpose?

Or a subscription to Magnificat magazine:

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Most of the people I know at church who want their own disposable personal missalette just subscribe to Magnificat monthly magazine. Magnificat magazine will even sell you a little leather binder that holds the current issue to keep it nice all month.

Another option would be something like the paperback “New St. Joseph Sunday Missal 2020” which is available for a few dollars on Catholic store websites.

You can also use a phone app as someone suggested already.

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You can buy a St Joseph’s Missal on Amazon for 2 dollars.

They have them every year.

Apps are nice for some things but I like Hard copy. If you want your own missal, the are, as others have suggested, available cheaply for renewal every year. They are also available that have the full three year cycle of readings, or two year cycle for daily missal. They are available in hard cover and paperback. Check any Catholic book or religious store online, or brick and mortar. Or check Amazon.



I use the St. Paul Daily Missal. I don’t know if there’s a version that has the last couple of changes that happened on the priest side of things, but it’s up-to-date as far as the congregation side of things is concerned.

It has:

  • Scripture readings for Cycles A, B, and C for all Sundays and Solemnities
  • Scripture readings for Years I and II for weekdays
  • Spiritual reflections on the lectionary readings
  • Proper of Saints
  • Liturgical Calendar
  • Treasury of Prayers
  • Gilded edges and ribbon markers

It suits my needs. :blue_heart:

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Word Among Us is another popular personal missalette

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That would be my suggestion followed by Magnificat.

Using the daily missal takes a little practice (i.e. knowing what liturgical week you’re on), but I personally don’t like the disposable nature or the newsprint quality of the other choices. Plus I don’t think Breaking Bread is worth the paper it’s printed on. :wink:


I’d agree that Magnificat is the way to go if you want something small, but I’ve never seen the annual St. Joseph Missal (that I know of). If you want your own sturdy copy that you buy once and that’s it, I’d go for the three-volume St. Joseph set.

I have been known to buy a copy of the annual paperback missal that my parish gets; they usually have a few extra copies that they’ll sell at or near cost (which is much less than buying a single copy straight from the publisher). Usually they ask that next time around you notify them before they place their annual order, so they’ll have enough extras for everyone who wants to buy one. The OP is not a fan of her/his parish’s choice, though, so that’s not a likely option for the OP.

A Daily Roman Missal is what I am most likely to go with but thanks to all who have suggested other alternatives .

I do have Universalis on my phone and yes, it is a great app. It’s also something I don’t want to be staring at during Mass. Not that there is anything wrong with the content but…you get the point. Staring at a phone during mass, just is not my thing. The disposable magazines, again, after looking at them, I think I would rather have an all inclusive missal.

The Breaking Bread copy provided by the church is acceptable in content and is easy to read, but the cumbersome plastic sleeves that they provide is something I don’t care for. I would just as soon pay for and have my own copy.

I’m being asked to provide a Christmas list so I think a hard copy missal is probably going to top the list. I have a New Marian Missal which is really the best size, 4"x7" and about 1 1/2" thick. Perfect size really but it doesn’t help much with NO masses. It does though have great imagery, lots of content, very inspiring. I prefer the older translations as well as opposed to the newer translations, but that is a preference.

I agree. It will save money and trees in the long run. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s an investment, for sure. But it will go a long way, especially with a nice cover to protect it.

Just bear :bear: in mind… the perpetual missals like the Midwest Theological (which is what I use) doesn’t contain any hymns. If joining the singing is important to you, you’ll still need to make use of the parish Breaking Bread volume.

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Amazon carries it, here.

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