Personal discovery of new saints and blesseds

I have always shown my devotion to Saint Gianna with her name in my CAF siggie. (I am also a member of the society. I wear her medal on my charm bracelet.) Last night, I felt a “push” to research other 20th century female saints. And that research led me to a wonderful discovery of Bl. Laura Vicuna, Bl. Pierina Morosini, Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity, and “reacquainting” myself with Saint Maria Goretti and Saint Edith Stein.

I encourage all people to ask Bl Laura for her intercession on family matters. She’s the patron of child abuse victims/survivors. She also asked Jesus for an illness so that she may suffer for her mother’s conversion. (And Laura was just 12 years old!!!) I believe Bl. Laura will intercess on behalf of those who ask for family and friends’ conversion to the Catholic church.

Bl. Pierina Morosini was a 26 year old victim of attempted rape. She fought off her attacker, but he struck her and left her for dead. Bl. Pierina is the patron of rape survivors. I believe she will also intercess for us in matters of chastity, conversion, and faith. She was a very devout Catholic. (I have been searching all over for her medals!!!)

Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity wrote so many amazing things about Jesus. I can’t wait to find her books.

Sts Maria Goretti and Edith Stein are more well known, IMHO. For me, a few years ago, I was inspired by Maria, who intercessed on behalf of her murderer and wanted him to join her in Heaven. Well, I asked GOD for such an intercession for someone who hurt me emotionally, that he and his wife would be converted and I would meet them in Heaven someday.

I want to learn more about Edith Stein. I am someone who was “poisoned” spiritually and emotionally by second and third wave feminism. It’s been said that Saint Edith Stein is a true feminist, not to mention devout Catholic.

Well, this has been my share. I’m interested in learning about new saints and blesseds that you all have discovered! GOD Bless!

Blessed Imelda had an intense love for Jesus. She only received Jesus only - her First Communion - because the union with Him was so powerful that she died. She is the patron of First Communions.

I love all the ones you mentioned!

I have a couple of third-class relics of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, both from Carmelite monasteries. I have an old copy of the “Reminiscences”, written by her Prioress as her obituary notice. She had a niece-her younger sister’s firstborn daughter-who entered the same Carmel as her aunt, and died in the 1990s. I also have books of her major spiritual writings, her letters from Carmel, and two books of photographs [one in French, the other an English translation].

I learned about St. Edith Stein from the same community of Carmelites who sent me a relic of Bl. Elizabeth. When Edith was beatified, our local paper interviewed her nephew, who was living in the area at the time.

I’ve read about Blessed Laura in the book by the late Ann Ball, “Modern Saints-Their Lives and Faces”, and about Blessed Pierina in Joan Carroll Cruz’s book, “Secular Saints”. And I remember when St. Gianna was beatified-the secular press had their underwear in knots because she wanted her child to live instead of being aborted.

Oh, going back to Bl. Elizabeth-I went to Dijon, France, the year after her beatification, but couldn’t find the Carmel. The community moved out of town in the 1970s. But I went to the Carmel that was near Domremy-la-Pucelle [the birthplace of St. Joan of Arc] and got two books and a lot of pictures of her.

I heard a talk about Saint Edith Stein approx. 5 years ago. I didn’t want to “know” her at the time, mostly because I was interested in exploring many faiths. (And it was not fun to hear that Edith was an atheistic Jewish scholar converting to RCism and becoming a nun!!!) I had a book about her, but never read it. I donated it. (I did not want the TRUTH!) Now, of course, I am so ready to discover her writings!

I can’t believe the garbage some people say about Maria Goretti. There are “feminist” blogs saying it was “sick”, “wrong”, to make her a saint. They even say Maria committed suicide b/c she did not allow Alessandro to rape her. Maria fought him off with her words- saying it was a sin, GOD didn’t want it. She was 12 years old!!! She defended herself and her faith. (How can a 12 year old girl fight off a 20 year old man wielding a knife?!?) Blessed Pierina believed in Maria’s cause and died also defending her purity. (Funny because some feminist writings do support women defending themselves against rape and other violence. Maria is CATHOLIC! So of course they have a problem with her.)

Speaking of Saint Gianna, when I first heard of her canonization, I was not RC. (Mostly progressive Episcopalian with Wicca/New Age leanings.) I thought she was crazy! But, GOD changed my heart. I stumbled upon Saint Gianna when I was looking for an RC devotional society (early 2009)- fell in love with her story. It’s amazing how GOD works in our lives.

LynnGM, I’m really enjoying your posts about the more recent female saints. St. Gianna really is heroic, isn’t she?

But I’ll tell you, I’d enjoy them a whole lot more if your typeface were a darker color, like a dark blue or dark green or even boring old black.


Awesome topic, Lynn! :thumbsup:

I’ve come to know and love several of the above mentioned. Thank you for all the wonderful information. Here is another little saint-in-the-making… for your consideration.

Servant of God Antonietta Meo. I believe her cause has been opened already. She was only 6 years old, when she died of bone cancer. Here is a link to learn more about her. Such beautiful eyes… could only be windows to Heaven.

Sorry about the funky font color! :smiley:

Yes, I just discovered Antoinetta through wikipedia! Her story is amazing! She was truly gifted. The fact that, in her dying days, she wrote letters to Jesus. Gotta wonder if she’ll be the patron of children’s hospice.

And, to top it off, we have Blessed Caroline Gerhardinger (Sister Mary Theresa of Jesus), a 19th century Bavarian nun who founded the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Patron of purity.

The Maria Goretti of Poland: Karolina Kozkowna (1898 - 1914)
Another martyr of purity. (I’m sure the feminists have lots to say about her, too!) She refused the advances of a Russian soldier, so he kidnapped and raped her. Left her body for dead in the forest. She was found two weeks after her death.

I have a sterling silver Maria Goretti medal now! :thumbsup:

I know about Blessed Karolina, too!

Have you heard of another young woman who died in an attempted rape-Blessed Antonia Mesina? She was from Sardinia, and was murdered by a young man who accosted her and a friend as they returned home from gathering firewood. When she died, the doctors were heard to say, ‘We have a new Maria Goretti’.

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