Personal Litany of the Saints?


I was just thinking about this last night. Does anyone have a personal Litany of Saints? (i.e., favorite Saints that you commonly ask for their intercession) I did a quick google search and found a couple of things - mostly one person mentioned it in a blog, and another made one inspired by that blog.


Yes, I have put together a whole “team” of favorite saints, for various needs. I even put together a litany of saints for all the members of my family (husband, daughters, parents, brothers and sisters) including all the saints they were named for, and their guardian angels.

Thanks for reminding me about it; I had forgotten about it for a while!


As one Eastern father said, “The Cell [private prayer] has no rule.”

I would think that in private recititation of the Litany of the Saints you can add any especially venerated ones you wish.


I actually have made up a private litany on one occasion. There are just certain saints that I have a strong devotion to, most of whom are from the Bible. Maybe it’s my protestant roots showing. :smiley:


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