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[quote=mommyjo2]Can anyone help me with why Catholics don’t 'accept Jesus as their Personal Lord and Savior"? I don’t mean, why don’t we think we are saved forever from one act, I mean, is there something intrinsically against Catholic teaching about Christ being a personal savior? Scripture, Church Fathers?
Why do Catholics not speak of a “personal” Jesus?
( I am not looking for a dissection on Evangelical Protestantism)

Of course we do. However we dont express it in the same way Protestants do.

Recently a new aqaintance asked me when I began my perosnal relationshiop with Jesus and i told him my when I was three weeks old my parents took me to a Priest who batpized me thus entering me into membership of the one true Church. As far as a personal relationship with Jesus I couldnt have a more personal one-I get to hold him in my hands every morning and get to follow his admonition to eat his body and drink his blood . I know those werent the anwers he expected but he was at a loss for words for several seconds!


In my baptist/protestant years I heard so much about “me and Jesus” relationship but how can it just be me and Jesus when the greatest command that Jesus gave us is to love thy neighbor as thy self…can’t be helped to involve everyone/your neighbor (all big one family) in order to have a relationship with Jesus. This make Jesus a savior for everyone of which he is and what the bible says. To have a relationship with Jesus / personal Lord and Savior is to obey his commands. If the action does not reflect the talk…for sure they are speaking a different language. :smiley:

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I’ve always wondered what the alternative to “personal Lord and Savior” was. Impersonal Lord and Savior? What does the “personal” actually contribute to our understanding.

Considering that we say at every Mass “Lord I am not worthy to receive You, only say the word and I shall be healed” I’d say that’s a pretty “personal Lord and Savior”.


[quote=mommyjo2]Can anyone help me with why Catholics don’t 'accept Jesus as their Personal Lord and Savior"?

Conversion means accepting, by a personal decision, the saving sovereignty of Christ and becoming his disciple. The Church calls all people to this conversion. (John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio, 7 Dec 1990, paragraph 46.)


I think that one issue with this phrase might be that it sort of implies that New Agey idea of God being different to everyone, whereas there is only one God, He is the same God regardless of your point of view.

I don’t see why I should emphasise that Jesus is ‘my’ Lord and Saviour. He is everyone’s Lord and Saviour, of course that includes me. Everyone is special to God, so if I’m going to say that Jesus is my Saviour, then I would really have to go through the list of billions of other people who He is also Saviour to. Much easier to say that He is everyone’s Saviour.


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