Personal Ordinariate Mass questions


I’m considering going to a Sunday Mass at a Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter church. I’ve never been.
Is there anything I need to know before I go and anything they do significantly different than regular Roman Catholic parishes in US?


It’s basically the Latin Mass in English. They do the penitential rite after the Creed, followed by prayer for the state of Christ’s Church, the leaders of the world etc. There is a prayer recited by both the priest and the people before and after communion as well as a few other times during the mass.

If there are pew missals there, I would suggest you use one so as to be able to recite the prayers.

The translation of Scripture and of the Creed, Gloria etc. is different than usual, so another reason to use the pew Missal.


Thanks! How do they do Communion?


Kneeling and on the tongue. They might also do intinction. At least, that’s what they do at the Ordinariate mission near me. I’m pretty sure you don’t say Amen either.


Communion is kneeling. You may respond with ‘Amen’. You may receive either on the tongue or in the hands as per Anglican tradition (making a ‘throne’ by placing one hand on top of the other). Honestly I prefer the Ordinariate Use as the language really makes you think and reflect.



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Be prepared to hear a lot of “King James” language. I felt out of place when I went to one of these Masses because of differences in the wording of prayers.


KJV-speak isn’t that different from the old Douay-Rheims, which I’m old enough to remember.

I can see where if one is used to NAB or NABRE, it’s very different though.


I pray “Blessed are Thee amongst women” etc. Love the formal language for prayers :slight_smile:


“Blessed art Thou” is more correct


Typo :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


The Ordinariate parish I attended distributed both the Host and the Chalice, but kneeling at the altar rail. The priest gave each of the us the Host while the deacon followed behind him giving each of us the Chalice (reverently and carefully tipping the chalice into our mouth).


Please come back and tell us what you think. I wish there was one near me. I was raised in the Episcopal church and
remember the English from the 1928 Book
of Common Prayer. I hear the Mass is beautiful.


That happened at my Ordinariate mission once too.


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