Personal Past Vis-A-Vis Personal Vocation


I am a single and normal 24 year old male (with a four year university degree).

After a very long process of soul-searching, I began RCIA this August. I should enter the Church this coming Lent. I truly feel I have a religious vocation. But I am frightened to explore this.

I have a misdemeanor (nothing to do with sex, drugs, alcohol, or finances) conviction.
I am afraid that I will have my hopes dashed when I talk with my priest and/or the local Vocation’s Director.

Does anyone have any advice?


Let yourself be a Catholic for a while before you pursue this. If you have a vocation your hopes won’t necessarily be dashed. Pray and trust the Lord to lead you to whatever His will is.


exactly. Don’t jump the gun to soon. There is a time and place for everything.


First rule of any vocational discernment is to get a spiritual director.


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