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Greeting brothers and sisters in Christ!

When I made my confirmation all those years ago I chose St. Patrick as my patron saint and now I’m not so sure I made a good choice, not that there’s anything wrong with St. Patrick!!
I wasn’t given any advice at the time. I think Patrick was the only male saint that I knew of.

Any way, is it wrong or possible to choose another patron saint?

After reading about St Padre Pio, I’m feel I’d like to pick him as
my patron saint.

Is picking a patron saint something that all/most Catholics do?

God bless,


Some say that the saint chooses you. There is a reason you chose St. Patrick. I suspect nothing like that is truly random.


Ive chosen Zdislava as mine, not as my confirmation saint, but just as my personal patron. I prayed on it, and shes who I came up with


Of course not! Choose as many as you like- who ever inspires you!

I think an Englishman like Patrick was a good choice for an Irishman! :thumbsup: :stuck_out_tongue:


If you read the life of Pope St. Gregory VII like I have, you might want to pick him! Like I did.:slight_smile:


They don’t call it the Communion of Saints for nothing! You can develop a special relationship with many Saints! You’re not just limited to the one you picked (or who picked you) at Confirmation :slight_smile: My mom felt the same way as you did about her patron, St. Therese. She just picked this saint because many other girls were picking her. It was only later in life that she truly developed a beautiful relationship with St. Therese and discovered that it was St. Therese who picked my mom, not the other way around.


Try reading St Patrick’s Confession (written by himself, naturally) if you can get a hold of it. Nothing like reading the very words of a saint themselves to bring them to life for you.

I just wish my confirmation saint (St Helena) had left writings. Never mind, she was quite an interesting lady in any event, and you can’t get much more interesting than finding the True Cross of Christ :cool:


Is it really true that the saints choose you?? What an awesome thing to think about!! When I first started attending RCIA (last June), I chose Saint Monica, since I’m a wife and mother. But just recently, I have developed an overwhelming passion for Saint Rita. I think about her constantly, talk to her as much as I can, read everything about her that I can get my hands on. Also, Saint Patrick has been on my mind too. (My family came here from Ireland three generations ago.) I read about both of these saints on this forum, and through my investigation of them, have fallen in love with them. (St. Rita and St. Patrick) Does this mean they chose me??


I don’t know if it means they chose you or the holy spirit is guiding you to them – either way, it’s wonderful to have their help.

My family decided to choose a patron saint for our family. We all read up on various saints, made our choices and then held a family meeting where we each presented our candidate and made an argument as to why that saint should be our family’s patron. It was a very lively meeting and after several rounds of votes we had a winner — Saint Michael the Archangel. We pray to him during our family evening prayers.


You could be an italian cop named Patrick too, i guess. That way you would have St. Francis of Assisi (patron saint of Italy), Saint Michael (patron saint of police), and Saint Patrick because of your name.

I like to think that i have 3 patrons:
St. Francis of Assisi (because i’m italian, and i also want to be a franciscan)

St. Anthony (because my name is Anthony, and the franciscan thing)

Our Lady of Lourdes (i don’t even know if Mary apparations can be patron saints but oh well. I just became interested in the story of this apparation and did some research and decided i wanted her as a patron saint)

I would just have St. Patrick as my patron saint and also have whoever else you wanted too.
P.S. St. Padre Pio was a great guy, i’ve also been doing some reading about him.

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