Personal prayer request: serious financial problems


Hello, I am asking for prayers for me as I have run into serious financial problems. I have become paralyzed and have a hard time coping with my daily life as I have become overwhelmed with the responsibilities that have come my way. My spiritual life has become affected as I don’t feel the joy I should have when I go to Mass or say my prayers at home. Thank you.


Praying for you. Are you getting help from friends, family and/or local Catholic charities?


I have already prayed to the Infant Jesus of Prague for you.


:heaven: Praying for you!:crossrc:

Just know that its when we feel that God is the furthest away from us, that, in actuality, it is then that He is the closest! You will be assured of my prayers for your health, material needs, and spiritual needs at this time.

God bless you! :slight_smile:




I prayed for you too.
May God rain down mercy and blessings on you.
In Christ,


ldacsldg, I will pray for you. :gopray:


:gopray:Praying for you!


You are in my prayer, ldacsldg.


Praying for you.:gopray2:


Thank you everyone, I certainly don’t feel alone now. Tonight Ias I am saying my prayers I will thank God for each one of you who is willing to take the time to inckude me in your prayers. God bless.




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