Personal Relationship with Christ? Where is that in the Bible?


just wondering…

as far as i can see Jesus never said you have to have a personal relationship with Him to get to Heaven…

maybe he didn’t becaues he knew how problematic the whole concept and practice of “relationship” is for a lot of people… :shrug:

so much for sola scirptura…


“distracted” how about this verse, from the Gospel of John…

Jesus Himself says… “I no longer call you slaves, because a slave does not know what his Master is doing. I have called you friends, because I have told you everything I have heard from My Father.” (John 15:15)

Note, He doesn’t use the word “acquaintance”… but “friend”. This certainly seems to imply a desire on His part, for a personal relationship with each of us. My :twocents:

God bless.


Without a relationship with God, we have no salvation. In the NT there are references to the church as the “body of Christ.” And in Revelations, the church is called the “Bride of Christ.” All parts of the body are in relation to the “head.” Our head is Jesus. And as a Bride, we will have a relationship with him. Does a bride not have a relationship with the groom? It is within the context of a relationship that we learn of God’s call for us. He calls us his children. When the Father calls, the child must obey. However unwillingly that may be.


Well, the Bible never says Trinity or Eucharist either, but we Catholic use it.

Just an example: Personal relationship with Christ is very Catholic - See what Pope Benedict says here:
A personal relationship with God and an abandonment to his will can prevent man from being demeaned and save him from falling prey to the teaching of fanaticism and terrorism. An authentically religious attitude prevents man from presuming to judge God, accusing him of allowing poverty and failing to have compassion for his creatures. When people claim to build a case against God in defence of man, on whom can they depend when human activity proves powerless?”

From Pope JP II:
"Many of them were known for their prolonged Eucharistic adoration. To place ourselves before Jesus in the Eucharist, to take advantage of our ``moments of solitude’’ and to fill them with this Presence, is to enliven our consecration by our personal relationship with Christ, from whom our life derives its joy and its meaning."


how can I know someone whom I have no personal relationship with?

You can know about dead presidents, but you can’t have a personal relationship with them.

But Jesus Christ is Risen from the dead!

You can know Him even today, if you ask Him to come into your life. He is a Person.

Call out to Him, come to Him and know Him.

He came to reconcile us to God, and He is God. Become reconciled with your God, He is calling you to Him.


I kinda like Ep 2, 21-22.
Through him the whole structure is held together and grows into a temple sacred in the Lord;
in him you also are being built together into a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.

When I read that I believe 21 speaks of a physical place where Gods Spirit is waiting in a real way. A place where we are the body, or church.

When I read 22 I believe it speaks of that place in the soul that connects in a personal way.


yes, we should have a relationship with Christ, but it’s not based on feelings. It’s the ‘feelings’ aspect that is difficult for some people. But we shouldn’t focus on that. Feelings come and go. It’s a relationship based on love, trust, and faith.


our relationship must not be distant though. We need to talk with God and listen for His voice, for he says: “My sheep hear my voice.”

It is true, we are not talking about feelings when we say this. We are talking about being personal with God, knowing Him.

May God be known!


he also said that you are his friends if you do waht he says…

which demolishes OSAS…

it’s interesting to me that those who claim to believe in sola scirptura do not believe in what the Bible says… especially when the bible says something Catholic-sounding…

when they hear what it is the bible says… if they don’t like it, they often invent their own “scriptura” to justify what they believe (want to believe) … make what they believe confrom, if possible… to the bible, which of course, it cannot conform if it contradicts… :shrug:


i am not saying one should not have a relationship with God/Christ… Far from it… but it took a LONG time for the Word (Church, etc) to spread to all corners of the world… Were all those who didn’t hear - and those who have yet to fully hear - the Word, doomed? No, becaue if they, by their conscience, do what God wants, they have a chance to be saved also… and possibly without having much of a “relationship” with God…whatever that term really means…

these could be said to have a relationship with truth… (with their consciences… )…

Jesus said that we are his friends if we do waht he says… If not, we have no relationship to speak of - until we repent


again, i am NOT saying one should not have a relationship with Jesus… I, of all people would never say that because it is my relationship w/ Him that… is my life…

I like what the pope says but why doesn’t he meniton the Real Presence? Why do no priests mention this at homilies… or whenever? That is the way to have this relatiosnhipo w/ Christ… How can you say you have a relationship with someone if all you ever do is read his letters but never spend time with HIM?? :confused:


I think you are confused indeed. You had a question and a comment:

  • where it said in bible?
  • so much for sola scirptura.

I simply said that it wasn’t in bible and you are wrong for saying it is sola scriptura by pointing out our own Pope used the term and it is not in the Bible in order to use this term.

Now, if you want to go further to discuss the relationship which someone has already explained to you, please go ahead. I don’t want to go off topic of what you wanted to know.

I hoped that my answer was to help you realize it wasn’t just the other Christian who used the term, but it is also the Pope. Regarding the real presence topic, it could be another topic for another time.

Staying on the topic will not confuse others.


a person should definitely have a relationship with Christ. I’m just saying it is not - explicitly - in the scrpture…verbatim, as Protestants keep implying…

and again, the Catholoic version of “relationship with Jesus” is the Real Presence and spending time there whenever possible. Why is it so few Catholics do this? maybe the reason 54% (allegedlY?) of catholics voted for a pro-abortion senator for pres?? Even if the % is lower… these “Catholics” whpo did that :rolleyes: don’t realize how seroius God is abobut certain things… like murder :rolleyes: of innocents… Whatever happened to the concept of Priority? )

maybe the Protestants (some) are more right-on than Catholics in this sense… Even though it is not explicitly in the bible, maybe, nonetheless, thye are more… into Jesus than many Catholics (which, apparently isn’t saying much these days ) :rolleyes: :(…

anyway, i am just saying that if a person did everything Jesus said but didn’t have such a "personal " thing with Him… he could still get to Heaven… It iis DOING that counts, not some mushy… “Oh, i love you Jesus, pleas forgive me for all my sins even though i don’t necessarily plan to give them up” kind of “relationship” …

However, i do believe there comes a time when a Christian will need that close relationship…& turn to Him for that… and so, i can’t see where there wiould exist such a person who would just do waht He says and that’s all … (although, now i think about it, i see people who seem to go to Church, do at least some of what He says… and yet… well, let’s just say i don’t see too many good fruits… ).

so this sounds judgmental!! The Word itself says that we will know them by their fruits. Am i supposed to pretend i am blind or something?

That is a form of lying …

In any case, i am thinking as i write… and maybe that’s not such a good thing… because… .well, the reason i posted this thread was because i am trying to learn things…

When i am @ the Real Presence, i don’t always this feeling of any great “personal relationship” with Jesus…(seems more like a "relationship with Truth and Purity… but words fail me…) I guess what i am trying to say is that it is not like any human relationship… Mabye that is the problem… Maybe it is so different relating to Jesus than humans that i can’t begin to explain in mere words what iam trying to say… :confused::banghead:

i do get a sense of perfect holiness while There… so perfect, it scares me sometimes… and i DO believe the souls in Purgatory are there, at the Tabernacle… as some holy person(s) once said…

anyway… i see i am going off on rabbit trails to some extent so i will leave it at that… :whacky:


How do you know pope and priests don’t mention about Real Presence? Have you heard all homilites of all priests? Have you read all letters from the Pope?

Do you think other Christians is part of Christ’s Body?


The pope didn’t mention the Real Presence in the quote that was posted…

and i have been to Churches in about 1/2 the states (United States)… both daily and Sunday Mass… Plus the fact that i am no spring chicken… you would think i would have heard a homily about the Real Presence before. ***I have heard the grand total… of

NONE!!! ***

Yes, i do think others who love Jesus are part of the Church, albeit imperfectly… but then we are ALL imperfectly united to Christ… (by way of being human and not being in Heaven :()


Archbishop Charles J. Chaput recently gave a speech on the importance of having a personal relatioship with Christ:

New Life in Christ: What it Looks Like, What it Demands

The Catholic faith is not simply a collection of doctrines and ideas, or a body of knowledge, or even a system of beliefs, although all those things are important. At its root, Christianity is an experience: a life-changing, personal experience of the risen Jesus Christ. Everything else in the writings of St. Paul, and everything else in our life as Catholics, flows from that personal encounter with Jesus Christ. If we truly seek him, then we will always find him. But when we find him, we need to be ready for the consequences, because nothing about our lives can be the same.


you can be physically near someone and not have a relationship with him / her… You can be affected by that person and not even know him / her… Ever lived in an apt complex?? :smiley:

also, you can HAVE a “relationship” with someone but it might not be a good one… mayb be a very flimsy one… so as to not even make much difference in your life…

*** So i wish people would say “Do you have a GOOD relationship with Jesus?” not just: “Do you have a relationship with Jesus?” ***

Virtually everyone has SOME kind of “relationship with Jesus” these days… but you can tell by what’s going on in the world… there are NOT many GOOD ones… :banghead::ouch::coffeeread::hypno:


The quote was to point out that Catholics used the term “personal relationship with Christ” too even if it is not in the Bible. Isn’t this your question in the first place?

I have heard of Real Presence from the holy lips of priests at every single mass. Maybe you need to visit the rest of the States. :wink:

also, if you are agreed that other Christian is part of the Church, then they do have personal relationship with Christ - but as Catholic, we have the relationship with Christ far more intimate.

I don’t really need to go on with this discussion if you continue writing with text like this. Aren’t you shouting through text? :smiley:

PS: no need to write text with bigger size. I remember someone point out one of the rules here is to not write such larger text.


I’m still waking up… (Yes, I know what time it is!)

Have you ever seen any of the documentaries about Emperor Penguins? When reunited after a winter of parting, each female finds her mate. They call for each other until they find each other. Other birds and animals do this too.

In John 10:1-30, Jesus says we are His sheep, and we follow His voice.

My point is that having a relationship with Jesus doesn’t mean we make Him our equal. We can’t. But He is our shepherd, and knows each of us individually; our trials and joys, our surroundings, our situations. Here on earth, we’ll never know Him as well as He knows us.

But we should all be trying to learn about Him.

Distracted, I love this:

Virtually everyone has SOME kind of “relationship with Jesus” these days… but you can tell by what’s going on in the world… there are NOT many GOOD ones…

That’s so true!

Heart of Jesus, salvation for those who hope in you, have mercy on us.



I think the people who have never heard of Christ and never had a relationship with Him, they can still be saved, by His mercy, yes.

But we have heard… so I think it is important for us to know Him.

I agree that we know HIm best in the Eucharist. Can’t get any closer to Christ than the Real Presence. However, I disagree that no one ever talks about it!! :confused: my priest talks about it, in his homilies, Pope Benedict encouraged Adoration, and if you read the Saints, they all talk about it too :slight_smile:

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