Personal scripture reading

It will be three years this coming Easter vigil since I came into full communion with the Catholic church.

In my past religious path I become accustomed to having those I fellowshipped read the Bible as much as I did. It was just something our community did.

I dont find that know. Its awkward to try and have certain discussions with members of my new community who just dont know the Bible.

Are you an avid scripture reader? Are others in your parish? How have you encouraged an increased level of reading of scripture (esp the Gospel) with your parish community.

I just feel limited sometimes in how far I can go in a discussion.

It would be sort of like a math teacher trying to discuss calculus to those who may only know algebra.

I hit that wall again today after Mass :frowning:

Any helpful suggestions would be so appreciated.

Join a bible study group that meets at your parish. If your parish doesn’t have one, join a bible study at another nearby parish.

Yea- going to a bible study at your parish may be helpful. I actually go to one at my parish, and another one at another parish close by. I have met many people at the other parish who know a lot more then the people in the bible study at my church. So I guess try and branch out if at all possible…

All good advice.But you might think of creating a Bible study for you own parish.If the need is there create a ministry with your pastor’s aid. There are many good Catholic programs out there that you could utilize.It’s really a wonderful experience!

The problem you are having is that the majority of Catholics don’t really discuss the bible all that much.

The reason for this difference is simply that we Catholics aren’t searching the scriptures for the truth like protestants do, were not trying to figure out what God wants us to do.

This is because as Catholics we already Know what God wants, His Revelation is made known to us by His Church.

Because of this certainly after 2000 years there’s not that much up for discussion any more with regards to the scriptures.

We read them to hear God’s Word but discussion is not that necessary because they are already understood and all understand them the same way, or should do if they are obeying the Church. God’s chosen men, the Moses and Abraham’s of our time, the Magisterium He has given us do that for us.

Also after Mass people have just had their scripture readings and discussion for the day, albeit a one way discussion with the Priest teaching.

All this makes just after mass not the best time to start a conversation about scripture.

The Word of God for us is more somethign to be meditated on as during lectio divina to help us draw closer to God than a book to be intellectually studied.

I don’t bother much with Bible “study”, as in a group or anything. Like most Catholics who go to Sunday Mass, we have most of the important stuff read to us every three years, and the homily is supposed to be on the Gospel reading.

And like most Catholics who go to weekday meetings, the other 6 days of the week, we have most of the important stuff read to us every two years, and the homily is supposed to be on the Gospel reading.

For those unable to attned weekday mass, MAGNIFICAT magazine gives all the mass readings.

Those of us who recite the LOTH go thru most of 147 Psalms every two weeks.

I find all this more then enough to keep me up and running with Bible study. YMMV

OK, I will admit that I cannot quote chapter and verse off the top of my brain if some Biblical subject comes up. But I don’t need to.

Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ.
St.Jerome- whom i’m sure would disagree with a couple of people.
There is not huge book in the Vatican that explains every line of Scripture.There is much left for us to study and discern with guidance from Scripture,Tradition, and the Magisterium.
all of The Gospels are heard over time but not all of the Bible, certainly not all of the OT.

I run a bible study and have been told by many of my students that studying the bible has made them better Catholics, better Christians, better people. Do not try to negate the power of ALL of God’s word-not just the NT.I
I’m sure our biblical scholar pope would disagree with you mightily.

There is a difference between been ignorant of scripture and just not feeling the need to endlessly debate it especially when the debates were already decided a long long time ago definitively.

No Catholic who attends regular worship is ignorant of scripture.

St. Jerome is well known for disagreeing with people though so I’m sure your right he even disagreed with Popes (though submitted in obedience) and other saints in his time lol

Actually not everything is definitively set.And there are plenty people who are ignorant about scripture even if the go to Mass.I have a classroom full of them.They don’t understand the OT some of the NT mystifies them.They are ignorant of the place and time of Jesus’ life on earth,Or they go to church and don’t pay attention to the readings because they heard it all before.Take your pick.The thirst for God’s word is there.God’s word , all of it, has the power to transform, change and alter lives.People want to know and understand in depth all they’ve heard.Scipture is debated because it is alive , vibrant and relevant to our lives.If it wasn’t dicussed it would be stagnant and frozen.

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