Personal witness of faith VS. CA answer Guides for non-catholic friend?

Are the CA answer guides good to give to someone to help defend and explain the faith or would it be better to try to explain things in my own words?

I feel compelled to open a dialogue about our belief in the transubstantiation during the Mass to a friend of mine. He believes a great deal in Jesus and I believe he would want to participate in the eBay boycott, even if he did not completely subscribe to the fullness of the Catholic faith.

Background on my friend: He explained his faith journey to me stating in childhood he went to a church with his mom that was a hybrid of the Christian and Jewish faith, during college he became an atheist and now he is Christian, I am not sure of the denomination. He attended a “Vineyards” church while he lived in my area.

As far as my strength in apologetics, I have not gained the confidence in my abilities yet for an exchange, because I do not have the bible verses memorized, they way I am sure my friend does. I believe this friend would read the answer guides if I gave them, but I was wondering in your experiences is a true personal witness to your faith more successful. Thank you so much for your responses in advance.

Probably a combination of the two would be good. I would start with my personal experience and then move on to the technicalities as needed. Just my opinion.

You don’t need to memorize the Bible verses or memorize a speech. Take some notes, write down the pertinent Scripture verses, and print out what the Early Church Fathers have to say about the Eucharist. Then when you have things together, approach your friend. Tell him about the research you’ve been doing and let him know you would like to share your discoveries with him. Use your notes and printouts as an aid in getting your point across. read over them together and expand upon what you have written down.

Similar to what Genesis said. Don’t give him a speech, and don’t just thrust some CA printouts at him. Sort of a combination.

Thank you both. I used your ideas to open a dialog and felt much more confident. My friend was receptive; he actually was very upset about the policy of EBay and was glad I brought it to his attention. He signed the eBay petition and sent a letter to eBay.

I do not believe he has made up his mind on the true presence, but he has an open his mind and a good heart so I believe prayer and continued dialog will hopefully bring him into the fullness of the faith.

I really appreciate your guidance. When discussing the faith I feel very strongly in being prepared, so as not to give inaccurate or misleading information and not to perpetuate the notion that Catholics do not know their own faith. I guess I was fearful of pushing someone farther away from the truth.

I have been more comfortable in dialog with Catholics that may not completely understand their own faith or even atheists. I have a lot of family that are “cafeteria” Catholics and fallen away Catholics and unfortunately, my Brother and Brother-in-law have become atheists, so I pray a lot and engage as often as I can. Through this learning and witnessing, I have learned a lot and have learned that there was a lot I did not know. My self-discovery of certain areas of ignorance made me more nervous to engage in dialog with other Christians.

You both are a great blessing, as is this forum, thank you.


It doesn’t hurt to have some documents prepared by experts to help support what you have to say.

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