Persons of trinity

Hi. We believe in three persons in one God and each person is God.

They have some thing in common: essence

On the other hand, they have real distinction.

SO each person has two parts: essence and distinction, because essence is not their distinction. But god does not have two parts. So how each person is God?

The word “person” means relation.

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It would depend what you meant by parts, he has parts in one sense but may not have parts in another sense

Does it make any difference?

If relations are god and have real distinction, we would have such problem.

In what sense god has parts?

The best analogy for God would be the family. You have the father, mother, and from their union, their child. The father is a person. The mother is a person, and the child is a person.

For example, you can look at the father and mother becoming one is sort of like God. They are, and can become one, but the mother is still a distinct person from the father. The offspring also, for a time, spends time physically inside the mother and depends on the mother for nursing, say.

So, there is a strong interrelationship amongst all the persons, but even so, the child is not the mother or the father. Together, they form a family.

Although, the Trinity is considered to be a mystery. There may be some aspects of it we may never understand.

Dear sir

In trinity there are one god or one essence.

But in your example there are three human or three essences.

Your example can’t explain the holy trinity.

God bless you

He has parts in the sense that he is loving and just and gets angry and is slow to anger etc… and the sense you yourself spoke of.

Just as a family can be three but one, three persons one family, in a similar way God is three persons but one God

The Trinity is a communion of Persons. There is real distinction in their relationships to one another, but because the Persons are in communion, they are One God. Much like the many members of the Church make up the One Mystical Body of Christ.

You are confusing parts with essence. You know God is just one essence. The three persons are all in the one essence. They also have distinctness as persons, as you also know. However, those human definitions do not equal parts of GOD. The single essence is ONE part only. How they can have distinct persons within ONE essence is exactly what the mystery of the Trinity is! Remember, we use the word persons in a theological sense not a human sense, to convey that distinction. But there is NO WAY to define in human language how that can be. We must believe IN FAITH, that which Jesus told us is true. The Trinity was revealed to us by Jesus. The Church has tried to define the Trinity for believers as set down in the Athanasian Creed. But there is no way to make it seem humanly logical.

This is so hard to understand that Jews and Muslims think Christians are polytheists! But we are monotheists, just like them, but believe in the 3 distinct persons in the one essence of GOD. We didn’t make this up. It was revealed to us by GOD Himself! Why would anyone think the being of GOD would be something simple for humans to understand? :confused:

I see you say that you are of the Christian faith,
Javid, I find that in order to understand the
Mystery of the Trinity, you have to have Humility,
that’s what Augustine said when asked how
he was able to get such great insights into
the teachings of the Church, he replied:
“It’s all, humility, humility and humility”!
In other words, Javid, you have to approach
God in humility before His throne of mercy
and ask, no beg, recognising that w/o His
illuminating Spirit, you are just a dumb beast!

Yes. The supreme unity and simplicity of God does not exclude plurality of relations because they are founded relatively, which means they do not import composition.

Yes, I am a believer. But I’m looking for reasonable faith. We can’t understand the God fulfill, but we can understand him better.

Dear Paul

This is modal ism. One person can love or get anger. In trinity God has three distinct persons.

Your example does not explain the trinity. In trinity we have just one being who has three persons. In your example we have three beings and each being has one person.

The problem is that distinction can’t be the essence, so each person has two parts: essence and distinction. Please answer this.

:slight_smile: Good answer … any analogy we can - with our human limitations - use to describe the Trinity will fall short … it is the most profound mystery of the faith …

As family - we are like the Trinity - the Holy Trinity is what real family is …

That said - the analogy that always helped me is Water … the Holy Trinity is like Water - H2O …

*]When water is equal to or below 0 degrees celcius (32 degress fahrenheit) - it is a solid - Ice - H2O
*]Water is above 0 degrees celcius and below 100 degrees celcius - it is a liquid - water - H2O
*]When water is equal to or above 100 degrees celcius (212 degrees fahrenheit) - it is a vapor - Steam - H2O

Dear Yada, It is modalism. Persons are not forms of God

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