Persons Sistine Chapel


I don’t know if this is the right place to post this…

I want to find the names of these three persons and their positions in the Sistine Chapel. But I don’t know who they are and their positions. Maybe you guys could help me find out?


The only one I could find out is the second one. It’s from the Sacrifice of Noah. It’s just an extraneous figure on the border. I don’t think it’s anyone in particular. Go here
and look at the upper right.


Wow, thanks for finding that one. :wink: Well, maybe somebody else knows the name of this character?

What about the others? Someone, please? :smiley:


Well, maybe somebody else knows the name of this character?

The character has no name. There are about 20 unnamed figures called (Ignudi) on the ceiling. Here is a definition:


Thanx for that one :wink:


Somebody else, who might have an idea? :smiley:


Somebody, please?


Please, help me out of this!


Try the site above. I think your first image is on the right hand side in the middle. I don’t have a name for her. And I think you last image is one of many “naked” images there. You might find the last image on the above site.


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