Perspiring Blood?

Has it been medically/scientifically proven that in extreme cases of anxiety[agony in the garden]one can sweat blood?

Yes. It’s called Hematidrosis.

Luke 22
44 And being in agony He was praying very fervently; and His sweat became like drops of blood, falling down upon the ground.

The verse can still be open to interpretation as ὡσεί (hōsei) implies approximation or analogy.

*]as it were, (had been), as though, as, like as, like
*]about, nearly
a) before numerals
b) before a measure of time

Yes there have been other rare cases (besides Our Lords) when people sweated blood from extreme agony. The more horrible, lesser known thing is that when a person does sweat blood, it is capillaries beneath their skin bursting, thus leaving bruises on them and making their flesh ***extremely *** fragile, so that even a small bump may cause them horrid pain. Imagine the agony Jesus went through then if a bump causes a normal person pain, and He was beaten beyond recognition with fists, whips, cords, reeds, and had thorns shoved into His skull! the agony must’ve been unbearable… this only further proves His great love for us and it makes me cry often to think about it… :frowning:

I heard there is one documented case in U.S.

A woman showed at scene of a car crash and learned all her immediate family had died. She sweated blood.

This. Luke’s Gospel doesn’t say Jesus sweated blood. It never did. No idea why everyone things that.

Don’t have time (or will really, being honest) to look it up right now, but do not even the other Gospels mention the sweating blood thing?

No, this is really unique Lukan material here. (For the record, there are actually a few early manuscripts which omit this part.)

As I recall Saint Luke had some medical training; so was more observant of some details.

Went through that once myself.

My Latin class teacher was not impressed with my marks and so he forced me to come in after school and run around the track that surrounds the football field, and do so many times over. I felt like I was about to drop dead. But that was not enough to make him happy. He then told me to stand with my legs partially bent.

What then began to happen was tiny drops of blood started to to come through the skin on my thighs. There was not enough to cause the blood to run down my legs, but still, blood started to to come through the skin on my thighs.

This Latin class teacher used to also occasionally have the classroom windows open in the winter, thus you could see your breath.

I’m sure he thought he was a kind fellow at the same time.

On top of that, I asked my mother to help me memorize some Latin words, thus to prepare for the next exam. The idea was to try a new method of memorizing by using associative memorizing technique.

After the exam, I got a mark that was in the 90’s. The teacher had walked down the isle and gently handed the test papers over to the students. When he got to me, he threw my papers into my face. I did not know what to make of that at the time.

After that he used to ask questions at the beginning of the class, but only 2 students raised their hands, and it was always the same two students. This seemed odd. What was even more confusing was the fact that he would always ask me for the answer, and only me.

It turned out that these two ADVANCED students were given other Latin books to study. So I bet you can guess where one would find the answers to those puzzling questions.

He wanted to make a fool of me. But WHY?

Many years later I spoke to my mother about it and she said, " Oh yes…Your Latin teacher. He called me and said that he could not give Sean(me) the 90+ mark because obviously Sean had cheated. Of course my mother knew that this was not true because she was the one who helped me study. So she gave him hell. He then passed that hell onto me.

Thus… if my marks were low, I WAS PUNISHED.

And… if my marks were high, I WAS STILL PUNISHED.

And that was just the beginning of an ongoing NO WIN situation that I had to deal with for decades onward. I eventually found the source of this dilemma.

I think I’ll get a good enough career to afford having a traditional Catholic wife who will do homeschooling during the week. Catholic School unfortunately still has nothing but bad testimonies about it.

But how is this an analogy? It doesn’t make sense to say that sweat was like drops of blood if they didn’t APEAR to really be drops of blood, right?

Maybe it’s a cultural thing…maybe they also used to say “Oh, the rain is like drops of blood today” (heavy rain) or “Oh, I’m crying drops of blood” (crying really hard)

Umm… who said anything about ‘Catholic school’ in this thread? You seem to be the first. :wink:

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