Perverse will

What does it mean to have “perverse will”? As stated in my signature Augustine had fleshly lusts. How is that perverse will? I have also been told it’s a lack of temperance.

St Augustine was a sex addict. That’s what “fleshly lusts” and “perverse will” mean.

How did he finally get rid of this problem? And he says a perverse will changed into fleshly lusts. Which can also mean alcohol addictions and gluttony to my knowledge.

If your will is not aligned with God’s will it is easy to begin to lust and in turn for that lust to lead to actions.

You should read The Confessions of Saint Augustine.

And this aligning your will with God’s to my knowledge is what the body and blood is for. I don’t know how else to be in favor other than in grace and partaking of the eucharist.

I think I saw something like that at I’ll check again.

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