Peshitta Translation of Scripture

I posted a similar question on the Eastern Catholic forum. Can anyone tell me anything about the Peshitta translation of Scripture and if/how it is used in the Syriac-speaking Churches?

As for your questions, you can easily google it and I am sure that you can find good info. I have spent some time working with the Peshitta and have purchased some copies of the original Aramaic text itself as well as an interlinear, as well as Lamsa’s translation of it. I personally feel that there is a good chance that parts of it could contain original Aramaic readings. But keep in mind that there are other Aramaic versions, such as Curetonain, Sinatic, etc. I think that those who think that the Peshitta is the original and that all the NT was originally written in Aramaic is mistaken, though I think that Greek scholars who think that all of it was originally written in Greek alone is mistaken.

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