Pet owners, would you pay for


Would you pay for someone to pick up dog pp from your yard? If so how much do you think you would be willing to pay for a weekly service?
I am just asking this because I have a friend in Colorado that does pet sitting and she just added this to her business and is making a ton of money picking up p
p! :eek:


Well, I do it weekly, but maybe $5-10 a week?


Depends on the size of the dog :smiley:


I was walking my dog the other day, I saw these turds that were- no joke, almost as thick as a coke can and as long as paper towel rolls.

They were all over the yard.


That’s what the kids are for.:wink:


:rotfl: :rotfl:
well at least they are easier to find than the little ones???


LOL, that was what I was thinking! This is part of DD’s chore list. (much to her dismay) She calls it “Poo Patrol” :smiley:


I would also pay somebody to change litter boxes, esp. now with DH on the road to Wellville. $5 for the first box, and $3 for each extra box would be a good deal.


Did “poop” really need to be censored? :rolleyes:


I don’t know if it needed to or not, I just thought I would be on the safe side and censor it myself :smiley:


I really hate picking it up in the winter and spring…because of the snow and the rain…such a mess.

My newfoundland died last June and I am waiting for the better weather here before I get another one. I can’t stand not having a dog, but I am not missing picking up his ‘business’ one bit.

So, yeah, I would pay…sign me up.


And my husband complains about the size of our dog’s poop :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes: …I should let him read this and tell him it could be worse!!


I’m at the point where I would love to pay someone to pick up the p**p at my brother’s house. It’s impossible to walk anywhere in his yard without stepping in it. :mad:

But yes, if I had a dog and for some reason couldn’t keep up with cleaning the yard, I would definitely consider paying someone to do this task for me.


It seems I am the only one who is willing to clean up after the dog in my house and I am fed up of it. I would definitely pay for that service. I am struggling to get down to it just now and the garden is a mess. I am to ashemed of the garden to have anybody in it. I won’t even let the kids enter the garden just now. It has been so wet and miserable and I just haven’t been able to clean up as usual. I think my dh should be doing it till baby arrives.


If I was paying someone to dog sit my dog then yes I would pay them to pick up any that the dog left while they were there. But otherwise I would do it myself.


I voted no since either I or my dh take care of it. But you wouldn’t imagine how much my dog poops!!! We filled half a 5 gallon bucket!!! :eek: What’s worse is that our yard is huge and he does it all over, so we have to look for it all over the grass!!! :mad:

Maybe we would pay for it, now that I think of it…


I have a small cocker spaniel, and she only goes in a small part of the yard.

It takes me about 2 minutes a week to do it.

So unless someone is gonna do it for pennies, I’m doing it myself.


I would definitely pay someone to pick up the poo from off the sidewalk in front of my apartment.


No, but I’m the thrifty sort who doesn’t spend money on things I can easily do myself, even icky things like poop patrol.


Nope - that’s what my dh is for! :smiley:

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