Pet peeve ..

I have more than one pet peeve, but one of them is people who have no manners and don’t say thank you. I know this girl who I suppose is a friend but I don’t consider her a true friend. Anyway she got fired from her job and hasn’t had luck finding another job. I sent her a list of recruiters that a friend of mine had sent me awhile ago. Today she asked me for the recruiters number, and I told her that I didn’t know what recruiter she’s talking about and that I had sent her the recruiters. I told her to call one of them. She didn’t say anything back. It was annoying me so I said ‘ok and ur welcome’ … I felt bad after bc I knew I shouldn’t had said anything but I did bc it annoyed me. All she said was ‘ok’ with a smiley face. I know she doesn’t mean any harm though, that’s jut how she is.

Should I confess this? I feel bad for being rude or having an attitude I guess after I just went to confession today.

You gave her a list of people but they didn’t have phone numbers? I’m kinda confused here. I’m not sure what the problem is because one shouldn’t be helping and expect anything in return. Thank-yous are nice but if you didn’t get one, let it go and move on. Losing a job is pretty hard and trying to find one is difficult too. Have a little compassion on her situation whether she said thank-you or not. I think the attitude is more on your side by what you have shared here.

Yes, there were phone numbers and email addresses. This girl is not the most independent person, so I think that’s why I got annoyed bc I can only help out so much. But, you’re right I should have just let it go.

It is nice when people thank us (or express gratitude in other ways), but we should not attach a great deal of importance to it. Especially try not to judge others and hold it against them if they fail to say thank you.

Jesus said that we should not give in order to be praised for it (Matthew 6:1-4) or to be repaid (Luke 14:12-14). Jesus simply told us to give to those in need, as you did. The above scripture passages even suggest that your reward is greater if you are not thanked!

I agree with that, but I guess it wasn’t because I thought I did something great that I needed to be thanked. I just meant more annoyed bc of the manners. I say thank you a lot, so when I notice ppl not saying thank you, for example holding the door for someone and that person not saying thank you.

continue in showing your gratitude but don’t take it to heart if someone doesn’t return it. Let is go and move on.

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