Peta protests animal welfare activist/chef

it looks like they are finally starting to show what their real agenda is:

Animal rights group Peta has targeted Jamie Oliver’s flagship restaurant Fifteen in a protest against the celebrity chef’s promotion of British pork. The move will surprise many, as the chef’s television show investigating pig welfare standards urged people to buy British rather than cheaper pork produced abroad under poorer conditions.

this is the key:

But Peta argued: “The answer to saving pigs is not to buy British pork, it’s to go vegetarian.”

GO VEGETARIAN thats their whole message, do as we say or else. no suprise really from one of the stallwart bastions of liberal intolerance.

Peta’s whole agenda has and always will be to end any animal ownership. Period.

Hmm…I wonder if their solicitous care for British pigs and chicken eggs extends to the unborn of their own species…:hmmm:

so true, if only in their eyes people had a fraction of the value they bestow on animals.

Not a chance. They hate every other human being except themselves.

Oh, I’m sure of that. I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of PETA, Oprah, et al. It is quite amazing that they are horrified at the thought of us ending the life of an unborn chicken, but place no worth upon the lives of unborn humans.

I have seen Peta spokesmen on tv dance around the question as to whether they believe pet ownership should be phased out. Normally they will point out that many of their members own pets. But they never directly will answer the question.

I love animals and have adopted mine from shelters. But I like animals too much to support PETA.

We are definitely a dog loving family.
I always said that if I can ever move me and my kids out of my parents house, I will get a dog for each of my 4 kids…and one for myself.
And the bigger, the better.

And a housecleaner.

I heard peta said that ice cream makers like ben and jerry’s should use human breast milk instead of cows milk. That is crossing the line right there.

This is going to be disgusting so anyone who is squeamish please ignore the rest of this post…

One of my greatest temptations during hunting season has been to dump a huge gut pile on Petas’ doorstep. This would be a very unchristian thing to do. Please pray that I don’t succomb to this temptation. :o

maybe i should work on my charity some too, because my initial thought was that it was funny not gross. it does make me glad that many states have made tactics that peta used in the past, like proetesting hunting and fishing at the spot to scare off game, a felony. not having them there at the time is sure to lower the temptation.

Better yet,as a fellow hunter I’d send it by mail with postage due.:smiley:

:rolleyes: Oh, good heavens. What do you want to bet that most all of these people don’t care that babies are being killed in their mother’s wombs?

I saw a little while back a commercial they were putting out that used women like sex objects. It made me sick! :frowning: I would put a link to it up but I don’t want anyone to see it! Disgusting.

How do you like THIS little ditty:A dog is a rat is a Boy.In other words you or your children have no more value than an animal or more specifically vermin.I read recently where a PETA bigwig was asked a hypothetical question:If you had to kill a baby or a cat which would you choose to save?His answer:whichever has the less potential to do harm to the planet.

These people are Nazis.

Mwha hah haha…My dear stepdaughter and I take an oriental dance class together once a week. The teacher is very much a vegan and Peta contributor. I was sorely tempted to bring a big bag of fried up bacon for our snack during class. :thumbsup:
But she is a nice girl–I decided to bring smoked salmon for ourselves instead.:wink:

I can’t wait until the teacher finds out about my other hobbies. I do like fishing a great deal, and shooting big white furry animals out of the cliffs with my high-powered rifle. Maybe I’ll bring one of my trophies to the next class…nah, better not.:smiley:

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