Peter and Paul equal in Rome?


Im reading Madrid’s Answer me this! and on the papacy issue he quotes the ECF but a few state that Rome is the Church Peter AND Paul founded. Since Peter and Paul met their end their, do some Protestants argue that Peter AND Paul were the leaders and therefore Peter as the prime apostle is an inaccurate belief?


This is incorrect. Even if St. Paul was equal in power to St. Peter in Rome (which of course is not true), Peter was still chief among the Apostles, the one to whom Christ gave the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and who assumed a leadership role over the Church (following the wishes of Our Lord) after the Ascension, and the one Christ commanded (in a dream) to extend the Church to the gentiles. Paul may have been the first great missionary of the Church, but Peter was the Prince of the Apostles and Vicar of Christ.


Saul (Paul) did not convert for over six years after the resurrection. Jesus clearly established Peter as the leader in Scripture six years befor Paul was even a Catholic. As far as being “equal” I’d say Peter was the servant of Paul, as Jesus eludes:

[]Matthew 23,11 He that is the greatest among you shall be your servant.


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