Peter and the Apostles Word Count

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ἀπόστολος (Apostles) appears 80 times in the New Testament.

δώδεκα (Twelve) appears 75 times in the New Testament (many not relating to the twelve)

Πέτρος (Peter) appears 156 times

Κηφᾶς (Cephas) appears 9 times

Peter is often additionally referred to as Simon, bringing his count up to 195

Παῦλος (Paul) appears 158 times

Σαῦλος (Saul) appears 15 times

Ἰωάννης (John) appears 19 times in reference to the Apostle John

Ἀνδρέας (Andrew) appears only 13 times

The two Apostles who ended their earthly ministry at Rome are mentioned 368 times.

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This is very interesting. Peter I know is mentioned more than any of the other Apostles. I wonder where this is going?

Okay. Interesting but what is the point and why does it matter?

This relates to Peter’s primacy, a fact needlesly but hotly debated in our age. Off the top of my head:

In the Gospels, Peter is mentioned 195 times. The closest is John (the beloved disciple) at just 29 times. The rest even less.
Jesus gave Peter the keys to the gates of Heaven.
Jesus declared Peter to the the rock.
Jesus made Peter shepherd.
Jesus prayed for Peter to strengthen his brothers
Jesus paid the Temple tax only for Himself and Peter.
Jesus preached from Peter’s boat.
Jesus told Peter to “Follow me”
Jesus called only Peter to Him across the water.
Jesus predicted Peter’s three-fold denial by a charcoal fire.
Jesus predicted Peter’s repentance and three-fold affirmation, by a charcoal fire.
Jesus prophesied the manner of Peter’s death.
Jesus taught Peter forgiveness 70 times 7 times.
Jesus spoke only to Peter at Gethsemane.
Peter is always listed first.
Peter was first to confess Jesus as Messiah.
Peter alone spoke at the Transfiguration.
Peter pointed out the withered fig tree.
Peter entered the tomb first - John deferring to him.
Peter decided the manner of replacing Judas.
Peter spoke for the eleven at the Pentecost.
Peter was released from prison by the Angel.
Peter spoke for the eleven before the Council.
Peter held unrepented of sin bound to Ananias and Saphira.
Peter’s shadow healed.
Peter declared the sin of Simony.
Peter explained the salvation of the Gentiles to the Church at Jerusalem.
Of the Apostles, our resurrected Lord appeared first to Peter.
The Angel told Cornelius to call for Peter.
The Holy Spirit fell upon the Gentiles as Peter preached to them.
At the empty tomb, the Angel said, “Go tell His disciples, and Peter.”
Mary Magdalene ran to tell Peter and the beloved disciple.
The vision of all foods being clean was given only to Peter.
The revelation of the end of the world (elements will melt) was given only to Peter.
The revelation of Christ descending to the dead was given only to Peter.
Peter’s words silence the first council in Jerusalem.
Paul went to Peter to affirm that his Gospel was not in vain.
Did Peter withdraw from the Gentiles to eat with the Jews? Yes, but Paul had Timothy circumcised to avoid offending the Jews.
And on and on and on.
So, one can deny that Peter was primary, but it takes an amazing disregard of scripture and history to do so."

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