Peter D Williams and Hans kung

Peter D Williams and Hans kung discussion,
With the name of the podcast being very apt
I heard that Hans was outside of the box but this was the first time I had heard him speak on a range of things and thought some others may like to listen to it. I thought Peter did well.

Couldn’t get it to work, but knowing Fr Kung’s background, i wouldn’t be able to stomach him anyway! He’s been a thorn in the Church’s side since the 1960s, and the title “Catholic” is stretching it more than a bit. Last i heard of him, he was considering assisted suicide.
He and Bishop Spong would make a “good” duo. :eek:

They need our prayers.

Also available at this YouTube link

Sorry, panevino!
i couldn’t handle more than a couple of minutes of him!

They certainly do!

It’s terrible to think that Fr Kung and Fr Ratzinger were once good mates, and look where they ended up:
The proud one has wasted his intellect on his own mistaken ideas.
The humble one became a great theologian and Pope Benedict XVI.
Talk about “You take the high road and I’ll take the low road…”!
And a couple of lines of the Magnificat.

In centuries to come, one of these men will be regarded with affection and respect, and the other, if he doesn’t discard his pride, will be on an obscure list of fallen-aways. :shrug:


And Jesus told us to pray for our enemies.

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