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The Fatal Flaw of Christianity: **He Did Not Rise From the Dead **and the Dogma of Original Sin Is Pure Invention (Paperback)
by Peter de Rosa

Someone brought up Peter de Rosa. I would think the above book is of grave concern.

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Who is Peter de Rosa?


He is mentioned here:
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I was aware of Peter DeRosa’s book Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy ever since Dave Hunt’s book A Woman Rides the Beast. DeRosa is Hunt’s main source not only for the “wicked” Popes, but also DeRosa’s statements that most of the Fathers (supposedly) didn’t see Peter as the Rock, or the Pope as his successor. Well demolished by John Chapman’s articles and other places on the web.

Hunt used to call DeRosa a “Catholic” source (at least he is a former priest). It’s nice (or not) to see DeRosa is not very orthodox in his belief. I ordered that Fatal Flaw book (not to be confused with James R. White’s anti-Catholic book of the same title) thru used bookseller for $4

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Peter De Rosa, writes as if he is a catholic historian. But, he denies basic things like the papacy by digging up all the supose dirt he can find – check his sources, often they don’t support his claims. Someone, in a thread here used him as a source, uncritically. Before, anyone considers using any of his materials they should check his sources or seek out reliable confirmation of the “facts” he is claiming. For example, he goes as far as claiming that one of the popes was a satanist. :rolleyes:

Dave Hunt is not known for critical use of sources. Often his foote notes do not prove his claims. For example, in his book Beyond Seduction around page 52, he quotes Charlie Capps trying to prove that Pentecostals believes that one can become a god, like in mormonism. When you read Capps book, in context, poorly written, Capps is talking about being transformed into the image of Christ, nothing more.

Other items he has written, that should be commented on are:

Forbidden Fruit: True Story of My Secret Love Affair with Ireland’s Most Powerful Bishop by Annie Murphy and Peter De Rosa

Blessed Among Women: The Book of Mary by Peter De Rosa (Hardcover - Aug 15, 2005)

Jesus who became Christ by Peter De Rosa (Unknown Binding - 1975)

VICARS OF CHRIST: The Dark Side of the Papcy by Peter De Rosa – this is the book I am speaking about sources being misused.


I read that in 1989 and enjoyed it much like I did the da Vinci Code by Brown. He dwells on a turbulent time and draws a different conclusion losing faith that the Holy Spirit is charged to protect the Church.


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