Peter Leithart's "Defending Constantine"

Has anyone here read this author or this particular book? I’m trying to make sure I’m reading this all correctly, but it sounds like he is defending the Catholic position…and he’s Presbytarian (PCA).

Any info on the author or the book will be greatly appreciated. I’m interested in reading this, but don’t want to spend the money unless it’s trustworthy, KWIM…

The links are a review of a talk he gave to a well respected (among Baptists) Baptist University and then 2 links to the book with reviews on it.


I read some more reviews and it seems a supporter of Yoder hates the book…the first sign to me that the author was fairly objective in gathering data and writing an accurate account. The author is accused by this person of pushing 2 agendas…“justification by works alone” and “infant baptism”. If the “works alone” suggests the same false claim made against Catholics, I think I may actually enjoy this book, as I’d venture to guess that in reality he is supporting salvation by grace and justification by faith + works.

My biggest “question mark” here is…if the author is saying we cannot ignore the past 1,000 years of Church history because it is a valid history and is indeed the true history of the Church…why isn’t he already a Catholic? Seems like the next logical step.

Well, if there is truly no one who has read it…I suppose I’ll be the guinea pig. But SURELY someone else(on this forum) has read this?

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