Peter the first pope?
Lets discuss what this guys point of view is. ACTUALLY read what he says :smiley:

David, why do you read all these anti-Catholic sites?

I would say that John 21:15-17 ~ Jesus commanding Peter to feed and tend His sheep ~ IS pretty indicative of a “special authority”.

Thanks for posting this. Have a good night, and God bless!


Read it? I am wondering why. Either he supports the Church based on the mountain of evidence, or he opposes the Church making his opinion nothing more than simple ego-driven error.

Because my girlfriend’s dad posts them…long story. Yall always help me with my discussions with him.

Seriously??..he’s a Protestant…why wouldn’t he deny Peter was the first Pope…they all do:D

Check the OP’s threads. 4 out of 5 have anti-Catholic links. Sniff sniff…

Peter was the first pope, though TECHNICALLY, wishing to have an objective mind, the OFFICE of “Pope” was not FORMALLY established until maybe around Pope Gregory
the Great. IT WAS ALWAYS THERE, but it did not “blossom” until later on. That’s on–
ly what I understand from history, I could be wrong*.

I do believe the term ‘pope’ had a wide range of usage way back before 590 CE, then
came Pope Gregory who, after begrudgingly accepted the succession to Saint Peter
as Bishop of Rome, began to organize the Catholic Church. Before there were these
bishops and presbyters, but then came archbishops and the Papacy, a more formal
hierarchy was established, AND JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME TOO!
[RIGHT](Less than a century
later, Islam was born
in the Saudi Arabia).
*Someone please [size=4]correct me if I’m [size=4]wrong, P[size=4]LEASE![/size][/size][/size]

Again, Peter was the first pope, as seen in Matthew 16:16-18 (Cross reference too with
Isaiah 22), John 21:15-17, Acts 10:46-48 seems authoritative also, Acts 5:1–11 well as,
the Bible is just loaded with passages/verses that make Protestants turn green.

Good link:

Peter and his successors have always exercised supremacy over the Church.

The particular words “pope” and “papacy” may not have been used early on, but what they now mean was there from the start in regards to Peter and his successors
Please see the following link for references far earlier than the 500’s AD.

Okay, I’M WRONG!
:dancing: . :extrahappy: . :dancing:

I have learned, through my own experience, until a person is actually open to even the smallest possibility the Catholic claim is accurate, no amount of evidence will convince that person. He or she must be willing to accept they could be wrong. Until that happens they will remain firm. If that person holds to anti-Catholic sentiments it will never happen.

If you are dating someone from an anti-Catholic family, you are in for conflict for the rest of your life. I am sure she is nice but you seriously need to rethink the relationship if she isn’t Catholic and has at least a very anti-Catholic father.

She is catholic…she was raised with these hateful philosophies but converted in college after seeing the truth in scripture. We deal with her family a lot with these issues but it doesn’t affect us other than having to have conversations with them sometimes.

good luck to the both of you. I wish you both well.

Me too.

Respectfully, why don’t you send dad here where he can read the resources for himself and discuss in person - that way you are out as a middleman.

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