Peter, the first theological witness of the resurrection?

What does that mean?
I thought Mary Magadalen was the first to see Jesus after the resurrection?

Actually, nobody truly “saw” the Resurrection except for Jesus, as He was alone in the tomb.

According to tradtion, the Theotokos, and the scriptures, St. Mary Magdalene, were the first to behold the Risen Christ.

This is very likely getting at the fact that after St Magdelan went back to tell the Apostles, Peter was the first to enter the tomb and see the clothes laying as they did (the cloth for the head laying separately from the others). He then had information to add to the understanding of all that had happened with Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection. As our first pope, I am sure that he taught from that eyewitness understanding.

Mary Magdalene was the first person to see Jesus after his resurrection but I guess when you use the word theological you are referring to Peter on whom Jesus established the Church.
Two disciples (who were not any of the Apostles) met Jesus on the road to Emmaus and invited him to their house. They recognised Jesus at the breaking of the bread. The following morning they went to Jerusalem and “reported to the eleven gathered and those with them” that “The Lord is risen indeed, and has appeared to Simon”. (Luke 24:34).

It would seem therefore that Jesus appeared to Peter before the other Apostles which would make Peter (to use your expression) the first theological witness after the resurrection.

Where did you get that phrase from?

Wherever you got it from would be the best place to go for asking what it means.

I got it from a teacher… as in a guy who teaches the kids about the faith…
and when I tried getting an answer he just ignored me and thought i was crazy or something he was probably busy with other stuff…
haha but I suppose any of these explanations are good… :smiley:

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