Peter the Rock of the Church

Why did Jesus call Peter the Rock upon which He would build His Church?
Isn’t it Faith in Jesus that is the Rock of the Church? Did Jesus mean both?
How can we clarify this. Isn’t this one of the major problems with our separated brothers?

This recent discussion might help…


I referred to the suggested thread dealing with the authority of the Pope. It was enlightening. The Father declared through the Holy Spirit (by the gift of Faith) to Peter that Jesus was the Son of God, the Messiah. Since Jesus is the Son of God and having belief in Him is the guarantee of being confirmed in the Truth. This belief then was to be the foundation of the Church, Jesus is the Rock.

Peter was the first to profess this belief (a gift of Faith) Peter was known to exhibit faith in Jesus, or tendency to faith, by’ walking on the water…it was one of his strong qualities. Peter being established in this truth by faith became like a “rock” representing Jesus.

Jesus appointed Peter when He said to Peter "Upon this rock I will build my Church. In other words. Upon this belief in Me, and upon you who believe in Me I will build my church.By Divine Providence the name Peter means rock. Jesus said also “…other sheep I have not of this fold…” What did Jesus have in mind? Other churches?

In a sense yes…Remember - “Church” comes from “Ekklesia” which means community.

If you recall, Jesus states on more than one occasion that He is sent to the house of Israel - that is one fold. The Apostles are sent to the “other folds” - the Gentiles. However, upon conversion all of these are to be gathered into one fold…the one Church - the body of Christ.


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