How long after Jesus was crucified did Peter die in Rome?

Altough it is an estimate (since we do not know the exact year of either our LORD’s nor Saint Peter’s deaths), it was approximately 30 years.


As Dr Warren H Carroll in *A History of Christendom, The Foundation of Christendom *Vol 1, testifies, in The Pontificate of St Peter, 30-67:
30-37 head of the Church in Jerusalem
42-49 first sojourn in Rome
49-50 in Jerusalem for the Apostolic Council
62-67 third sojourn in Rome; canonical Epistles of Peter; Mark with Peter in Rome
67 martyrdom in Rome and burial at the Vatican

AD 67.

34 years after Christ’s Crucifixion.

We don’t know when Christ was crucified.

Thanks for the info. Looks like He had some time to really get the Churh off the ground.

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