PeterNClareLie find someone

I am looking for a past contributor who sent me private messages through CAF. Please advise how I can reach this person. Their name on the forum was PeterNClareLie.

The person is listed, but has not posted recently. Try using the 3 bars at the top right corner. Look under members and type their name. You can try to message them. It might not work.

Thank you, Ann, for your quick response. I did successfully send a message
to that person. Is there any way that I will know that he/she has seen it?

I do not know. Maybe another poster knows the answer.

There isn’t a way to know wether they’ve seen a PM you sent them.
You could always go onto their page and see how recently they’ve been on CAF.
You could also type their name into the search box, which will show you all their posts. Then just specialize your search to most recent.

There is a “views” bit at the bottom of the PM.

PM me. It will be views 0 and when I’ve read it it will be views 1.

I think.

Thank you for letting me know these options, Bridget.

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