Petition against bestiality joke on "American Dad"

The joke dialogue in question is posted, but I doubt it will be temptatious for anyone here–just disgusting.


These guys and their ilk feed on attention and controversy. Add them to your Ignore list and they will go away. .

… I wish life really worked like that. :frowning:

The more people who sign this the more the show will like it.

Ugh. Same old counter-argument, and yet the play, “Corpus Christi”, with Jesus and the Apostles being gay, has not become a movie, despite the hoax alerts to have it stopped. We don’t even know if the American Dad writers were even doing that for attention. They may have just thought it was funny. It may not be a fight that needs to be picked, but, in general, regarding this risque stuff, if people are quiet, the libertines will think the people have been more placated and it’s time to test the waters again. Too much trash has passed as prime-time humor because they weren’t prohibited. Deep down, as put out as they are, they probably respect those who prohibit them. They probably resent lap dog parents and pre-boomer studio execs with ethics who were worn down by having to get ratings. Lucille Ball fought against modern vile humor, but even then, they had drunk humor, smoking and ex jokes and that just set up entertainment for more risque humor.

In any case, the complaint isn’t so much that the bestiality joke was aired, but that it was aired on prime-time, when kids might watch it. Some like all the bad boy jokes, but, to me, it’s just another pop culture spooking shows with characters I don’t care about. At least The Simpsons had Marge, who was usually the mild-mannered higher morally grounded character (I don’t think the other cartoon wives even have that going for them). You could like the baby and respect Lisa for her caring about stuff, though a flaming lib. Bart could be impressive at times, though his impressive parts were usually unbelievable feats, like learning French all of a sudden to escape his evil French host “family”. Homer was pretty useless, as are most dad characters in modern shows. If many Black kids don’t have dads around, these shows celebrate dads being totally childish, whose presence is pointless other than somehow still being employed. The only 2 cartoon sitcom parents, or any turn of the millenium sitcom parents, who seem to try to be good parents are the ones in "“King of the Hill”. Read “The Death of the Grown-up” for more on this, though she didn’t mention media representations of lame parents.

The only way American Dad would ever be censored is if profits were threatened.

Money, not morality, guides the entertainment industry.

Just don’t watch it. I’ve seen it a few times and it is definitely not going to be leading anyone closer to holiness. Shows like that and Family Guy have people behind them who openly say they are not Christian and they think our faith is nonsense, so why waste any of your time on them? Online petitions have no effect since they cannot even be verified as actual signatures.

Yeah, but those wanting bad bills to be defeated and bad politicians to not be elected would not have petitions to waste our time and theirs on something ineffective. Why would these people? Still, writing letters, calling and meeting your representative is more powerful.

Yes, online petitions don’t have near the weight of real petitions, phone calls, and protests. Pity we can’t get enough Catholics on board for something like that :frowning:

But hey, we live in a progressive society, right? Church and state are separate and neither the government nor any TV network has to listen to us :rolleyes:

This was the final straw for my family. We no longer will watch the Fox network.
America’s Most Wanted was all we watched, but since they have a website with the latest news on criminals, we’ll be visiting that more often.

Neilsen ratings can count one less household. I’m sure more are to follow.

…but don’t forget the rosaries, Lycorth. It helped Christianity, and humanity at large, win at Lepanto.

Never, my good man. The rosary is my favorite devotion and, such as at Lepanto, obedience to God via recitation of it truly works miracles!

We can never pray the rosary too often :highprayer:

Peace be with you all. I have only seen “American Dad” once and once was enough. I did not find it funny and it contained mostly material which was offensive and on the level of junior high poop jokes. At least “The Simpsons” has some high-level satire for those old enough to catch it. I would say, vote with your feet (or your remote in this case), do not watch the channels that carry shows you find objectionable, and write to the network executives explaining why you will not be watching their channel. Also, you may want to consider boycotting those advertisers who run commercials on these stations. As a previous poster mentioned, money is what drives the media. They will pay attention if sales start to drop and sponsors start pulling out. I believe that individuall letters and phone calls will be more successful than petitions. Public protests against a show may be counterproductive as it may encourage people to tune in just to see what all the fuss is about.

In my community we have an organization that promotes decency in media, which advocates boycotting stores which sell pornography, especially convenience stores and book shops where this material may be seen by anyone, including children. We have written letters to these stores advising them of why we do not shop there. The local Legion of Mary is also involved in helping to spread the word about this problem. On a widespread level, though, hitting the pocketbook is going to work better than urging the media to be more morally responsible, sad though it is. May God bless you all.

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