Petition: 'Corpus Christi' blasphemous play back in town

The blasphemous play ‘Corpus Christi’ is to run in the San Pedro Playhouse shortly. A Christ-like figure reportedly has impure relations with his ‘disciples’. For anyone who wants to voice their protest to this horrible play, there’s a petition here.

God bless!

Already signed. Praying that action will be taken. :signofcross:

This play is repulsive,disgusting,and I pity/pray for thsoe who act/write in it.

Having said that, please be careful with a boycott. Sometimes it just calls attention to what your trying to ignore!

No, I’m not saying don’t do it, just be careful.

Don’t you just love this freedom of expression!

i have passed by that theater hundreds of times. it saddens me that i will now remember it as having shown this play. i am going to pray the rosary for a just outcome! i hope Archbishop Siller of san antonio plans a rally of some sort.

I’d be careful. If you make too much noise people will go watch it just to see what all the fuss is about.

A month or so ago my grandmother forwarded me an e-mail. I’m not questioning the sincerity of those that wrote it and passed it on, but the e-mail was about this play (which isn’t even showing in my area) and how we have to be against it. Fine. However, I would have never heard of this play had I not gotten the e-mail. I only clicked on the link to this thread because I’ve heard of the play before.

Remember the DaVinci Code? Dan Brown’s novels barely made a ripple in the sea of publishing before the Catholic Church mentioned DaVinci Code. I’m one of those that read it because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Billy Joel wrote a song “Only the Good Die Young” which wasn’t a hit up until a priest complained about it.

I remember after the DaVinci Code came out my Archdiocese had a Q&A with a priest (Alberto Cutie) and 2 other scholars about the book and film. Fr. Cutie said that once he and his youth group protested outside a theater because they were playing a film that was blasphemous against the Blessed Mother. He said because of the protest, more people went inside that day than ever before just to see what the noise was about. So he was telling us to be cautious when it comes to protesting things like this because it will draw attention that it otherwise wouldn’t have.

Unfortunately, sometimes the best thing that could happen to a novel or film is that the Catholic Church or those in the Church criticize it. It’s just the truth.

I’m not saying don’t do anything, I’m just saying, be careful. Too much noise and it will draw unwanted attention to the play. I didn’t even know about it until someone complained about it to me. So what did I do? I went to YouTube to see what it was. I’d never see the play, but it’s things like that that make people go out and want to see it.

You make a good point, however I think the play is already pretty well known in Texas. A little over a year ago, a state university was planning on presenting the play as a class project. There was a huge public firestorm with media outlets across the state covering the controversy, and talk radio hosts stirring up anger. Even the state’s Lt. Governor denounced the play and “its use of tax dollars.”

Protests were organized, but the play was cancelled the day before it was scheduled to be presented due to threats of violence.

A month later, a playhouse 200 miles away in Ft. Worth, offered its facilities for the students to conduct the play, but it too was cancelled.

If anything, I think the current San Antonio production is drawing relatively little attention, but then I am not in Texas so I am not sure about that. However, the local newspaper has covered the controversy it has generated. Local religious leaders, a month ago, held a press conference to speak against it.

Disgusting. I can’t stand the blasphemy going around America, passing as entertainment these days…

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