Petition drive to support Grand Duke of Luxembourg’s anti-euthanasia stand

Paris, Dec 16, 2008 / 12:55 am (CNA).- A petition drive has been launched to support Grand Duke Henry I of Luxembourg, who has imperiled his political powers by opposing a euthanasia legalization bill recently proposed in his country’s parliament.

Socialist and Green party lawmakers are backing the measure, which Henry I has said he will not approve for reasons of conscience. The overwhelmingly Catholic population of Luxembourg reportedly also opposes the proposal.

I hope that this petition is successful. And for all of our English speaking French Catholics, here is a link to the petition which is also in the article:

I believe the petition itself is in French.

um… CNA is arriving too late to the dance. The petition was launched on Dec. 4th and Grand Duke Henri was stripped of his veto power (by a unanimous vote) on Dec. 11th.,4670,EULuxembourgRoyalTrouble,00.html

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