Petition for No Fly Zone in Syria


I often sign online petitions for just (I hope so :wink: ) causes, and today I got one the purpose of which it is to show support for a no fly zone in Syria after a brutal attack including children.

Wonder if I should sign it.
To save lives - speaks for yes.
But dsoesn’t no fly zone maybe also mean that aircrafts may be shot down? That again, seems to me may be against moral teachings.

Does anybody know in this specific case if aircrafts would be shut down, and maybe be able to give some moral implications from a Catholic point of view?


Yes, aircraft that do not respond to request to vacate, or maybe escorted to a landing area, would be shot down. No it is no more immoral that shooting someone who is holding innocent people hostage and threatening to kill them.


On-line petitions typically are not worth the paper that they’re not written on. If you want to sign it, go ahead; you’re not really doing anything, other than expressing your opinion on an issue. Your “signature” isn’t going to have any real-world effect; no aircraft will be shot down because you expressed your approval of a no-fly zone.


Since when does ISIS have an air force? I must have missed something.

If it doesn’t, why do you want to ground gov’t air force? To force gov’t units to fight without air cover and help ISIS?


The original proposal for a no-fly zone in Syria was to prevent Assad’s air force from bombing the anti-Assad rebels and the nearby civilian populations. ISIS wasn’t really a factor, one way or the other.


This situation seems very complicated so I have not signed anything…


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