Petition: Gay Cure

Scientists have recently discovered that homosexuality is not hard wired as they previously believed. Professor David E. Featherstone was able to turn heterosexual fruit flies homosexual and back again! Yes, I realize that our brains are much more complicated than those of fruit flies, but if he was able to cure homosexuality in any organism then there must be hope for human kind! We have previously written to him asking if he intended to find a treatment, but his response was that it would be like finding a treatment for right handedness or blue eyes. Well there is a treatment for blue eyes. They are called contact lenses. So with your help we may be able to talk the scientists of America into finding a treatment for this conidition. We all deserve a right to choose! Thank you!

Not sure if this is serious, or just a thread designed to create a controversy.

But, when I got to the part about fruit-flies…:rotfl:… well, I about lost it and ruined my keyboard.


Maybe they’ll also be able to find a cure for being a Jew.


I can’t wait for someone to find the cure for my left handedness. Just think, I’ll be able to buy ANY pair of scissors again! Touch screens that have responses on the right won’t be covered up by my OFFENSIVE left hand anymore!

All these years. Finally. FINALLY I can be among all the other right handers being … right.

I won’t be able to sleep tonight, for wondering how one tells if a fruit fly is homosexual. Do they maybe wear tiny little fruit-fly-sized speedos or something? Spend excessive time combing their antennae? Please, somebody, tell me . . . .

I know that most of you think that this is a joke, but it isn’t. And you’re Catholics! Aren’t you suppose to want to help others? If you don’t believe me, then here’s all the proof that you need!,2933,316316,00.html

Oh, come on, even if it’s true “gay fruit flies” is kind of hard to take seriously. Post again when they’re ready for FDA trials.

There have been so many theories/hypotheses/wild-a** guesses about what causes homosexuality over the years it’s hard to take any of them seriously.

The Sex-Crazed Female Antelopes Attack Tired Males story might be even more significant for humankind.

Do you guys even care or are you all too caught up in your own little precious world?
And you call yourself Catholics. What would God think of you right now? Not even trying to help your fellow man kind!

It does surprise me that more people on here are not discussing the possibilities here so that gays could marry and live a life without having to suffer in celibacy instead. [Insert redemptive suffering joke here]

Ummmm, actually the contact lenses is more of a “cover up” isn’t it?? The blue eyes are still there, BLUE, behind the lenses…so when you take them out at night to sleep, there are those bright baby blues!

Didn’t know “handedness” was a disease…thought we had all pretty much gotten over that…

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