Petition to Split California Into Six States Gets Green Light


A venture capitalist who feels colossal California is too unwieldy to govern is proposing to split it into six separate states, and Secretary of State Debra Bowen has given him the green light to start collecting petition signatures.

Tim Draper filed a ballot initiative in December stating that because of recent social and economic changes California has become “nearly ungovernable.”

He proposed dividing California into six states. San Diego and Orange County would make up “South California.” “West California” would include Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, while Bakersfield, Fresno and Stockton would make up the larger “Central California.” San Francisco and San Jose would be in the new “Silicon Valley.” “North California” would include the Sacramento area, and “Jefferson” would be home to the Redding and Eureka areas.


Honestly I think it’d be better to have a layer between California and the counties, basically have regions than to actually carve up the state. I don’t care for Southern Californians, but this would utterly destroy them as they wouldn’t have water. That’s too many people to desalinize water for.

Also that’d cut off Hetch Hetchy from the Bay Area. That is unworkable.


I predict that this will be another one of those amusing headlines that captures people’s attention for a moment, elicits a chuckle, and then is never heard about again. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would keep all of California’s electoral votes from always going to the Democrat in presidential elections.


This is mildly unrelated but I noticed in the image that they had that the second state border concept looks almost exactly like Washington State. :smiley:

Let’s all admit that it would crumble apart. If not from economic issues, from the nutters in San Fran.


Even if he somehow manages to collect enough petitions to get it on the ballot, and even if he somehow manages to get the majority to actually vote in favor of the proposition, and even if somehow there is no legal trick (a la Proposition 8) that the California courts can use to prevent it from actually going into effect, I cannot imagine that the rest of the country will be too pleased with California suddenly getting ten more Senators or that the federal government would just say, “Okay, we’re fine with it.”

Just think of all the flags that would need to be redone. :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:


Being that I live in Los Angeles County, that would be a dealbreaker for me. That, and it’s hard enough now to find a part of the area not overrun by nanny-staters… the last thing I need is to live in a true one-party state rather than the virtual one we have now :shrug:


Perhaps, but this effort looks like it may get a lot of money behind it.


I guess we will see. I think it’s an intriguing proposition and the curious part of me would like to see him get all the signatures just to see how it all plays out.

One of the commenter’s in the article mentioned that the way the proposition divides up the state would yield four red states and two blue states, which would increase the Republican presence in the Senate. I can’t really verify that assertion, but I do recall seeing county-by-county presidential electoral maps that show most of California being red except for the densely populated areas (much like Illinois or New York). So I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true.


This will be DOA once the people voting for six new statehoods realize they will be responsible for all the current California bonds will be divided up among them creating a huge tax burden. No debt of the United States can be disputed and not paid. :eek:


Not to mention that the state carvings are heavily political. Carving up Orange County with San Diego? Really? Los Angeles should be with Orange County, but they’re trying to force two heavily-conservative “states” out of California to have 4 solidly Republican Senators with “Jefferson” and “South California.”

If this was done on a geographical basis, making sure that all areas had access to all vital nutrients, as well as a relatively equal population split, I might understand it since California is a rather unwieldy state. However, that might end up with 10 Democratic Senators, and I’m not quite sure the author of the proposition is okay with that :rolleyes:.


Couldn’t they come up with better names? Sorry, I’m shallow. lol.


Tim Draper is certainly wealthy, but I am not sure he wants to sink too much of his money into, what amounts to, a quixotic scheme. His statement that the petition campaign will be a grassroots effort suggests that he will let others do the spending.

That is my take on it as well. I suspect that Draper is doing this as a bit of fun.


I think if we actually go through with it (we won’t) at least one should be called the State of Confusion, and another, certainly, the State of Regret.


State of Connfusion is already taken… I live there. :shrug:


I was born in the State if Sin, and spend far too much time there, but I’m hoping to retire in the State of Grace. :slight_smile:


The US Constitution specifically requires the consent of the state’s legislature. I don’t believe a ballot measure could compel the legislature to give its consent.



Best post in thread, hands down.


That’s impossible, if California was broken up into 3+ states LA would get broken up, if it was carved into 4+ then LA would be two states


I think it’s a fine idea. I’m not one who suffers from seperation anxiety, especially since things couldn’t get much worse, financially speaking, in California. But the Feds will never let it happen, mark my words… They will fear that the ideology of ‘carving up’ governments might have a negative impact on their globalized agenda.

We’ll just have to wait and see if ‘intelligence’ will once again be snuffed out by the big think tanks of the left and the liberal ‘media machine’ -who seem to view debt as if it’s a kind of fine wine.

Long live anti-federalism! (And anti-globalism too) :wink:


Um, the state of California is running a budget surplus and is well on its way to fiscal solvency. The Democratic governor of California is currently being rather stingy and is using the surplus to pay down the debt and liabilities.

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