Petition to Split California Into Six States Gets Green Light


True. Decentralization of California’s authoritative power poses a threat to those with an agenda. Soon we’ll find out who’s agenda is being protected in the coming weeks by observing how the media handles this.

I predict the media will begin by portraying this as a negative for all immigrants and minorities. Then it will shift towards schools and children, and focus on ‘negative’ impacts there. :rolleyes:


Well that’s good. I live here and I didn’t even know that. :shrug: still though, we’re several hundred billion in debt right now and I know there have been several cities that have gone bankrupt in the last few years.


Well, it would make a good model for the future anyways. If we could just break the Federal government up and divide it into a little over 50 or so -it would be great. Oh wait, part of the work for that has already been completed. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, the only “federal” government we really need is a national military force to protect the states… We could return to something like the original constitution, (the Articles of the Confederation). :shrug: With an already established military, all we need there is maintenance provided equally through state funding to keep it going strong -or even stronger!

…I really cant think of a single other good thing the Federal government does aside from organizing a strong military for our protection. :shrug: What more do we need in this day and age? :shrug:

Lets just get with the times already and do something productive here, geez.


tens of billions, the hundreds of billions you here about as “unfunded liabilities” is the equivalent of claiming that the next car payment is unfunded despite your next paycheck having enough money to easily pay for it.

The cities that went bankrupt did so through incompetence, not a state issue.


Well, I’ll take your word on it -you seem like a fair person to me, so i’m willing to set the fiscal aspects of California aside and explore other reasons why Timothy Draper might want to split up the State, or why anyone would agree or disagree with it.

I’m wondering now what some of the motives might be. Specifically. I’m thinking one positive motive would be to achieve more relaxed laws for business owners and entrepreneurs. That would be a good thing. A reason for opposing the split would be what -fear of the unknown…? I’m not quite sure. Maybe tradition? Would immigration be effected on the southern border? Which of the States would legalize pot first? :D.

…There are just so many changes that would take place I don’t know where to begin. :smiley:


hahah. That would be awesome.


I predict it will get a lukewarm response because nobody really cares. Tim still needs to get the signatures to put it on the ballot, and even if it passed, it would need an overwhelming majority to be considered. If only 25% of the population voted in the election and 51% of those voted for the resolution, the state legislature would talk about it for 5 minutes and then ignore it. However, if 50%+ voted during a presidential year, and 70%+ voted yes, then it would start garnering attention. The media would be largely favorable, because they want viewers.


This isn’t going to pass. And I don’t think it is a good idea. So. Calif. needs water from No. California to survive, if this passed, they would have to be negotiating with a number of states for water.

I can see mega-problems with this idea.


It is still entirely unworkable as South and West California would need to negotiate water rights with nearly a dozen states (the Colorado River Compact is seven states including California and LA gets water from the Sacramento River). They’d also have to pay actual market value for it meaning 3x+ as much as they pay now making it unlivable.

Hetch Hetchy reservoir (in Yosemite) would be in another state as the primary users (Bay Area).

It’s totally unworkable just from a water perspective.


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