Petition to withohld Holy Communion from Pro-Aborts

In the United States there has been and continues to be an ongoing disregard, by prominent Catholics in public life, of the Church’s teaching on a variety of serious moral issues including abortion, euthanasia, human cloning, homosexual “marriage”, and embryonic stem cell research to name a few.

Whereas I, YOUR NAME, a faithful Catholic residing within the diocese of YOUR DIOCESE do find the reception of Holy Communion by these prominent Catholics to be scandalous; I fear that it sets an example that will undoubtedly mislead others into participating, condoning and justifying these same immoral activities.

Read the full text of the petition and sign the petition here:

I agree pro-abortion Catholic should not present themselves for communion.

I don’t think that a petition asking for such a “ruling” or whatever you want to call it, is wise.

The Church operates on it’s own outside of popular opinion, and popular opinion can not play a role in the operation of the Church.

I can’t agree with a petition such as this. What’s next , petition for a married priesthood, women priests, every Sunday intercommunion, petition to use ABC ?

Yes, it is fine to write letters to the Bishop’s . But this type of mob rule demanding something is not appropriate.

WOW! Now I’ve seen it all. Someone (anyone) thinks it is their business to interfere with another’s worship? Don’t even come back with pro-abortionists receiving in an unworthy state, I know the rules. But that is between the person and God or the RCC not someone who decides to declare themself the “communion police”!

I am amazed by the number of threads on this site that are focused on what this one or that one is doing, or how they are doing it, or not doing. Examples? How this person is dressed to attend mass, A Eucharistic Minister refusing communion to a person living with their boy/girlfriend, this parish priest is doing this wrong… the list could go on and on.

Let’s take a look at ourselves! When anyone one person has achieved perfection, then maybe is the time to worry about another, but until then, don’t we have enough work to do at home?

If your brother in Christ sins, we have an obligation to point out the sin to them, not to point to them as sinners, but yes point out the sin.

If you have firsthand knowledge of a sin that is serious but is being brushed aside by a community. The sin of the community become to give scandal.

But in so many cases, these posts do not even imply talking to the person about the sin, they are just talked about.

The Catholic Church has EVERY right to deny Holy Communion to those who are Pro Choice, in a Homosexual Marriage, or anything else of the sort.

Yes, I know this, as was stated in my above post.

Unforunately, I think we Catholic’s were poorly cathechised over the last 40 years. Our own fault, I know, the information has always been there to be understood.

Many need to confim thru other sources like this web site what is and is not sin and to what degree.

I don’t ordinarily sign petitions, and probably wouldn’t sign one of this nature. I prefer a more direct approach. When I return the annual appeal to the diocese, it includes a letter as to the reasons I have chosen to lend my financial support elsewhere. I name bishops who have exercised their solemn duty to refuse communion to those who have publicly excommunicated themselves by supporting abortion.

Bishops, sadly, in many cases have become political animals. It’s as if we were back in the court of Henry VIII and they’d rather play a losing hand with the devil than risk losing political favor.

I say, hit 'em where it hurts, their pocketbooks. All political animals understand the power of the purse.

That having been said, I don’t see the harm in a petition that i non-specific as to the identity of the politician, but lets the bishop know that there are Catholics loyal to church teaching living in his diocese.

The Catholic Church has EVERY right to deny Holy Communion to those who are Pro Choice, in a Homosexual Marriage, or anything else of the sort.

Oh how I WISH the Catholic Church would leave it at that and stop trying to force their doctrine on those not of the Catholic faith!

I’m sorry. What is your point, here?

Legislation flows from the populous, unless of course, an activist judge decides it’s his way, and ignores the will of the people.

So, if it was a bunch of non-denominational folks wanting to end the horror of abortion, or create any public policy, for that matter, what would your position be?

I’m truly baffled by your statement.

So I take it you don’t have a problem with the Catholic Church imposing its doctrine on those of the Catholic faith? Because unless you are doing something sneaky, you can’t receive communion unless you are Catholic.

I would love for Bishops and Priests to treat the Eucharist with the respect it deserves by denying it to those who are openly opposed to Her teachings.

The Bishop has every right to excommunicate them. The laity has every right to say that they shouldn’t be receiving. I don’t think, though, that this is the sort of thing that petitions should be circulated about. Whether to publicly excommunicate them or not is up to the Bishop, not us.

So I take it you don’t have a problem with the Catholic Church imposing its doctrine on those of the Catholic faith?

It’s really up to them. What I’m saying as at the end of the day, they have made a choice to be part of the Catholic Church and should accept the doctrine that comes with it.
An athiest homosexual on the other hand, may not have anything to do with the Catholic Church but has their doctrine imposed on him or her due to the fact that the Catholic Church is lobbying against gay marriage. If the Catholic Church kept it’s nose in its own business (which is what I was implying) then that homosexual guy could get happily married. The Church wouldn’t have to recognise it, or give him communion, but being not of the Catholic faith, I doubt he’d really loose that much sleep over it. Everybody wins.

Alas the Catholic Church doesn’t see it this way and they decide they have to impose their twisted views on the non-Catholic population. :frowning:

You are posting to the wrong thread, I think.

People who have killed have committed mortal sin.Even when they are sorry can these people receive communion? People who have it pre-meditated should absolutely not receive communion. It is a slap in the face of God to let them take Jesus into their person. :mad:


Yes! That “being sorry” part is why Jesus came in the first place, ya know. :wink:

Being sorry is a far cry from Mz. Pelosi pontificating that the Church isn’t really against abortion, and isn’t she such a good Catholic even though she’s pro-death? Gak!:eek:

if being sorry is the answer to receive then Jesus did not have to die on the cross but tell the father how sorry he was for our sins. When a child does wrong like kill his father (on the news) the age of reason kicks in and a spanking has to ensue. Killing a child or saying the church says its okay is even a bigger sin. Palosi is not God and shame on her. Blood was spilled once and for all from Jesus. When people respond with murder then penence has to be done even if it means not receiving communion.

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