Petitions/universal prayers at Mass


I would like a bit of clarification regarding the universal prayers at Mass. The G.I.R.M. lists the norm for the series of intentions as:
a) for the needs of the Church;
b) for public authorities and the salvation of the whole world;
c) for those burdened by any kind of difficulty;
d) the local community

Now, does this mean that each of these intentions should be included at each Mass, and in that order?
Also, regarding “b) for public authorities and the salvation of the whole world,” are both of these to be included each time?
Also, are these prayers supposed to be general, or can the be specific within the categories (a-d)?
Thanks so much.


The answers to your questions are no, no, and they can be either general or specific. As you must be aware, they would hardly have put "usually" if what they meant was "always."

Examples of more and less specific intentions can be seen, for instance, in the various sample formularies for the Universal Prayer contained in the appendix to the Roman Missal. Among them you will find:
*]For favorable weather and abundant fruits from the earth, let us entreat the Lord, the ruler of the world.

*]For ourselves, that God may at last stir up in our hearts aversion for our sins, let us pray to the Lord.

*]That God may be pleased to increase faith and understanding in the catechumens who are to be initiated by Holy Baptism in the coming Paschal Solemnity, let us pray to the Lord.

*]For those who travel by sea, land or air, for captives and all held in prison, let us pray to the Lord.


Anybody else have input?


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