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I am hoping that someone can answer a question regaurding a petition for me. Our family is planning a 60th wedding anniversary for our parents and we have been asked to submit petitions. My husband has submitted one for our family members who are in the armed services, especially our nephew, who was deployed to the middle east today. The brother in charge of the of the litergy responded that it is litergically incorrect to do petitions for individuals. Can anyone tell me if this is correct?


I don’t have any back-up documentation, but our parish frequently mentions our pastor by name in the prayers of the faithful.


I would word it * for all deployed to the middle east and especially for ____.*


The Roman Missal has sample formulas for the General Intercessions. For Ordinary Time I the first intercession is:
“For our Pope N., our Bishop N., all the Church’s ministers and the people they have been called to lead and serve, we pray to the Lord: R. Lord, hear our prayer.”
(Roman Missal, Catholic Book Publishing Co., New York, 1985, page 1002).

This is also in the 2002 Latin edition of the Roman Missal. It has:

  1. Pro Pontífice nostro N., et Antístite nostro N.,
    et omni clero cum pópulo ipsórum gubernáculis commendáto,
    Dóminum deprecémur.
    (Missale Romanum, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2002, ISBN: 8820972719, page 1266. On the internet it is at on the page 1266 at .)

The individual’s name is said where it has “N.”. So it is incorrect to say that the Prayer of the Faithful cannot include the naming of an individual.

The general guidelines for the Prayer of the Faithful are in the 2002 General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) approved for the USA, which can be accessed from . I have used bold text for sections I see as important to consider in this case:
“70. As a rule, the series of intentions is to be
a. For the needs of the Church;
b. For public authorities and the salvation of the whole world;
c. For those burdened by any kind of difficulty;
d. For the local community.
Nevertheless, in a particular celebration, such as Confirmation, Marriage, or a Funeral, the series of intentions may reflect more closely the particular occasion.
71. It is for the priest celebrant to direct this prayer from the chair. He himself begins it with a brief introduction, by which he invites the faithful to pray, and likewise he concludes it with a prayer. The intentions announced should be sober, be composed freely but prudently, and be succinct, and they should express the prayer of the entire community.


Absolutely. Catholics pray for the Living and the Dead.
And the prayer requests can be as specific and as personal as you want.
Maybe all the requests by the faithful are done at the Mass, if there is one, like right after the Sermon.
Make them loud; make them specific; make them fervent, make everyone answer: “Lord, Hear our Prayer” to each.

Happy Anniversary to the loving couple!


Thank you so much for all of your answers. This helps so much!:slight_smile:

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