Petrine Privilege


Is the Petrine Privilege used to dissolve a marriage between a baptized Catholic and an unbaptized person that took place within the Church (ie, with the proper dispensation)? I don’t see how it would be needed if the marriage took place without a dispensation (say by a Justice of the Peace) since proper protocol for marriage was not followed by the baptized Catholic.


If a Catholic is married and the cerimony is not witnessed by a priest or deacon and did not have proper dispiensation the marriage is considered invalid and is resolved with lack of canonical form.

A Catholic who did first get proper dispensation and the marriage was witnessed by other than a priest or deacon the marriage is valid and an annulment has to be applied for.

I believe you are talking about Pauline Privalge with only applies to non baptised person who now with to come into the church and have not remarried.

Dcn Frank


I usually follow this as a general guide. :thumbsup:


Wow - that document is very consice and convenient! Thanks!

And thank you too Dcn Frank for your input.

We are meeting with our Priest this evening to find out how we will proceed in our request to have our marriage convalidated in the Church. Hubby has a previous marriage we are having to deal with, and although I am pretty sure it is a lack of form case, I am super nervous. I want nothing more than to be in full Communion with the Church. Please say a prayer for us!


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