Is it sinful, when I have soft petting with my girlfriend? I mean touching her erogenous zones (neck, nape) and definitely exciting her. And yes, we still do not have sex.

She is a lucky girl if her erogenous zones include her nape and neck. I worry that this sort of post is what some call trolling but I see as a possible abuse of the site, unless the poster is particularly naive, in which case I am sorry for my cynicism.

For women stimulating the neck can be rather enjoyable.

I’m not sure why someone would think that the poster was trolling…

For those who are unmarried, bringing each other to erotic excitement, even if they only kiss and keep their clothes on, is considered objectively sinful. Back when my wife and I were dating we did this sort of thing, but thought it was OK. We were wrong. (yes, kissing her neck was particularly arousing).

I would recommend rules like no lying down together and no passionate making out. Not easy, but necessary.

I think I might answer it in this way: imagine your (future) wife, whoever she might be. Now, imagine someone coming up to her and doing (whatever it is that you’re questioning – in this case, ‘light petting’). If you would be angry that someone else is doing to her, what you’re thinking about doing today, then I would consider it to mean that it’s inappropriate for you to do now with your girlfriend. :wink:

Do not do anything that you would not do in front of your/her parents.

I heard that one should not do, with their boy/girl friend anything they wouldn’t do with her/his father in the sofa across from you.

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