Pew Study Finds Orthodox Similar to Evangelical Christians — Not Other Jews

Wearing black hats or donning small yarmulkes, Orthodox Jews represent a distinct subgroup within the Jewish community — more observant, more conservative and more insular.

But the revelation in a report released today by the Pew Research Center is that Orthodox Jews vote, believe, worship, act and raise their children more like white evangelical Protestants than like their fellow Jews.

Another key finding in the report, which analyzes data collected for Pew’s 2013 survey A Portrait of Jewish Americans indicates that while their beliefs and unique lifestyle set apart Orthodox Jews, their growing numbers may affect the way the entire Jewish community is perceived.

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Balanced, well-written article whose major points I agree with. Just one comment, however. I would have liked a little more refined analysis in comparing Orthodox Jews (including Modern Orthodox and Haredi) to less Orthodox Jews (including Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, and non-denominational). The Haredi Jews are a composite of different streams of Judaism, both Hasidic and non-Hasidic, so I would be interested in comparing these subgroups. Likewise with regard to less Orthodox Jews: they are not all the same.

I notice too that the article at one point mentions conservative, traditional Catholics as having more in common, socially and politically, with Orthodox Jews and Evangelicals. I wonder whether this comparison has been further explored.

I was raised catholic and I have explored the many branches of Judaism and I would tend to agree.

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