Pfizer to invest in adult stem-cell treatment

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But do they or will they be doing anything with embryonic stem cell research? From what I can gather, I think the answer is yes in both cases. That means the issue is mute.

I wouldn’t read very much in to this. It’s only a 3M dolar investment. The market cap of Pfizer is over 100 billion.

Peregrinus, I think the Pfizer decision is a step forward. Proponents of embryonic stem research say that it is necessary because other stem cells can’t yield results. This new therapy, if it reaches the marketplace, could help weaken the case for using embryonic stem cells.

Doing a little good but doing a greater evil does not cut it.


From there site:

“When people think of human embryonic stem cells, they don’t often imagine the power of these cells in drug discovery.”

"Pfizer recognizes that human embryonic stem cells may provide even greater potential due to their increased ability for self-renewal and capacity to form a wide variety of cells and tissues.

Pfizer acknowledges the sensitive issues raised by this research, and we support proper ethical safeguards that take into account both the moral issues and public sensitivities.

Pfizer will only engage in stem cell research projects that meet the highest ethical standards set by leading scientific authorities around the world, including the Guidelines developed by the National Academy of Sciences in the USA."

BUT, they do say this as well:

“Pfizer strongly opposes any efforts to clone human beings.”

The case for adult stem cell research has long been made. Heck, even private investors throw their money into adult stem cell reseach, because it had already produced tangible results. 88 cures to date, if I am not mistaken.

The ones who cast adult stem cells aside, are the same people who support abortion, gay marriage, feminism, ebryonic stem cell research, higher taxes, anti war, contraception, euthanasia, etc:

**Liberal legislatures. **

The case has been made, but the Liberals and the Liberal media push their own agenda.

I only mention this because so many people out there still do not see the other side or the big picture.

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