PGA Tour moves tournament from Trump Doral in Miami to Mexico City


Saw this on Brietbart.

This tournament has been in Florida for 53 years since 1962.

DUBLIN, Ohio – The longtime PGA Tour event at Miami’s Trump Doral resort is leaving South Florida and heading to Mexico City in 2017.

The PGA Tour announced Wednesday that the new event will be known as the WGC-Mexico Championship. It will be held March 2-5 next year, with a venue in mind but not yet announced.

The Tour has a seven-year agreement through 2023 with Group Salinas, a collection of companies based in Mexico City primarily involved in retail, television and telecommunications, to sponsor the event.

Trump Doral had been the site of a PGA Tour event since 1962.


This was probably set in motion well before Trump sewed up the nomination, I’d bet they are starting to have buyers remorse and will regret taking a political stand instead of just focusing on the golf.


sounds like a dumb move to me. what part of Mexico? of course, Miami is not crime free!


To me this is quite suspicious. Perhaps they are trying to snub Trump by moving it to Mexico specifically? :confused:


If you read what the PGA officials said in the article, it was not a political decision on the part of the PGA. They simply could not find enough sponsors for the event hosted at Doral. Now it may have been a political decision on the part of all those sponsors who refused to sign on. Or it may have been a business decision on their part too. But the PGA just could not get the normal amount of sponsorship that they needed to make the event profitable. That’s free enterprise at its best, doing what it does best.


Would one expect them to admit it if it was a political decision?


According to Tim Rosaforte of the Golf Channel it will be held at Club de Golf Chapultepec close to Mexico City. Here is a map:

It could be that Grupo Salinas wanted the tournament, in part, as a means of pulling Trump’s hair.


I still say it was a reactionary move that they will regret, never said it’s not their right to do so. I’d also say it’s getting much easier to find sponsors as the election progresses if his ‘brand’ is a key factor.


What kind of surprises me is that Florida;s Chamber of Commerce or some other group is not coming out against this.

If you visit Florida, you know that golf is like their Nascar(Daytona). You see these PGA tournaments and the whole community takes part. They go out with their umbrellas and walk miles just to get it. It is big time stuff including the young, like part of their heritage.

They have got to be really upset that this tournament is leaving after all these years especially in Miami where there is so much money.

This would be to me like the Patriots leaving New England. (Not going to happen)

The purse for this event is 9,500,000 and one of only a few held in Florida. (I was in the area recently when they had the TPC Sawgrass for which the purse was over 10 million. This was a really, really big event for the community.)


Could be.

But for sure, these wealthy Mexican businessmen chose to spend their money on this instead of paying their own workers better.


When making the case for it being a political decision on the part of the PGA, it takes a lot more than “if it were true you wouldn’t expect them to admit it”. On one hand you have the plain statement by the PGA of their reasons. On the other hand you have speculation that it was political with no support other than, I guess, wishful thinking on the part of the speculator.

I can give you another reason against it being just political. If they made up the part about sponsors unwilling to sign on, they would have to worry that some sponsors might say publicly, “Wait a minute! We we all ready to go along.” Why would a PGA official take the risk of being embarrassed by his lie? So over-all, I would say that if the decision was purely political, it is more likely they would admit their reasons (with pride maybe) rather than take a chance on the public embarrassment of an easily checkable lie.


I’m sure having the tournament in Mexico will cause the cash to trickle down as it does in the US.


It’s funny. When the event is in Miami, it is all about the jobs and benefits to the local economy, and how moving the event away from Miami hurts the poor. But when the event is in Mexico it is all about how having the event there hurts the poor. If someone is going to play the “hurts the poor” card, they should make sure to play it consistently.


From a liberal standpoint, meaning “not at all”, right?


Well, maybe somebody thinks it would benefit Miami, and maybe it does. Some might not think so. I couldn’t say. But if I had to say, I would be more likely to think it does than that it doesn’t.

But my point was not that the PGA tour will help poor Mexicans or not. My point was that here are these Mexican businessmen paying to get an event in their venue when (we’re told) wages in Mexico are miserable. Why not just raise wages of their own employees with the money? If a group of American businessmen did this, the left would condemn them for doing it instead of raising wages. But if they’re Mexican, well, that’s different.


I like your posts. I like how you talk sense into those who only want things their way here, and use the church as their shield.


Did you mean to use the [sarcasm] tag?


Don’t Republicans claim that the economy is bad in the US?

What is your point?


What you say about Mexican businessmen may be true. Clearly the poor are worse off there than in a lot of places. But that issue doesn’t have much bearing on the PGA’s decision, nor does it add or detract from however this decision reflects on how people feel about Trump himself.


It is my understanding that Republicans believe that the rich getting richer results in money trickling down to the poorest in society. These principles should be true everywhere, so bringing the event to Mexico will benefit poor Mexicans.

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