Pharmacists Fight Law Prohibiting Religious Objections to Plan B Dispensing


A Washington State pharmacy and 2 pharmacists continue to fight a law prohibiting the state’s pharmacists from using religious objections to refuse to dispense emergency contraceptives.

Rhonda Mesler and Margo Thelen, the 2 pharmacists objecting to the law, do not wish to work for a pharmacy that stocks emergency contraception. Mesler said she would need to move outside the state if the law was upheld, while Thelen stated that she had to transfer to a different pharmacy because her requests regarding Plan B could not be accommodated.

Ralph’s Thriftway, meanwhile, has seen boycotts and picketing involving some members from the governor’s office because of the pharmacy’s desire not to stock emergency contraception.


Another nail in the coffin of religious freedom…Well, it had a pretty good run for a while.


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