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I have a friend who is in training to be a pharmacy tech. She is a Protestant who is also strongly pro-life. However, she just thought of something last night that is really troubling her, and asked me for advice.

At work we have a drug called “Plan B” also known as “The Morning After Pill” for more info read here

Basically we can sell it to anyone 18 or older without a prescription. I strongly believe it is a form of abortion, however it hadn’t dawned on me until earlier tonight…if I sell it to a person who is requesting to buy it am I not just as guilty as a nurse or DR on the other end holding a knife at an abortion clinic? The thought makes me sick. However I am not sure what to do, should I continue to sell it, or should I tell my manager my convictions and let her ring up the next customer who asks to buy it? It’s really troubling me.

I am trying to give her advice on what to do, but I have never thought of this issue much before, and so I don’t know what to tell her exactly. I did give her a couple of links that I had come across recommended elsewhere ( and and suggested she do tell her manager her convictions…However, as for anything more specific at the moment, I didn’t know what to say, other than to ask her if she minded if I posted her question to a message board (to which she agreed).

If anybody could help with some advice, it would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks!


She should contact the Pharmacists for Life group and get a mentor who can assist her in how to conduct herself in a job interview and how to inform an employer of her objection and refusal to prescribe immoral items.

Yes indeed it can cause an early abortion by preventing the created human life from implanting in the uterine wall. Now this qualifies for an abortion to us who believe, as science tells us, that life begins at conception. But Planned Parenthood and the like including the labs who manufacture those pills, claims that they do not cause an abortion because to them, life begins after implantation. If I were your friend, I would document how the Plan B pill causes the early abortion and present it to her boss. Then ask her boss if she would be allowed to share with the clients the facts about how that pill works. It’s highly possible that her boss already knows and doesn’t care about it. And yes I would refuse to sell these pills.

This is why my husband doesn’t work in the pharmacy at the store he works at, which would mean more regular and steady hours each month and more regular steady pay. He would have to sell the morning after pill and birth control pills and he wouldn’t sell either. He was offered the job, which would have been great for us, but morally he just couldn’t do it…

Thank-you all for your answers. She already has the job, though is still in training, I think (I don’t know all the details)… Not knowing anything about jobs like this, I didn’t know if there was anything that could protect her legally from being expected to sell stuff like this…I suppose advising her to contact Pharmacists for Life would be the best idea then?

Or that there is a legality that prevents this sort of thing, perhaps? Let’s say there is another use for the Plan B pill other than why it was originally developed; that happens all the time with medications. Erythromycin was developed as an antibiotic, and still is used for its antimicrobial action. However, by far an away it is used nowadays as a promotility drug.

So, let’s say a client was purchasing Plan B for a reason other than for birth control. They should be lectured on abortion? I think there is a better way to handle this.

That’s probably the best option. They have a great deal of experience with how to handle these types of situations.

This is a tricky situation. I have never thought of this before. I know personally I would feel terrible if I had to sell someone a morning after pill, but I would hate to lose a job that good in times like these. I would hope that her boss would understand that she is morally opposed to the sale of this pill. Maybe she could make a deal where if someone asks for it she will be able to step aside and let someone else handle it? Of course, this is not stopping the person from buying it but it might take a bit off her conscious. If she is forced to sell it, she should remember that it is not her choice but the woman buying it, and hopefully she can pray for whoever buys it that they will decide not to use it.

Thank-you all for the help! God bless.

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