Pharrell Williams Song at Mass


Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” was the Recessional song at today’s Mass.


Oh my. This is just… oh my. Ummmm… wow. Kyrie Eleison.



Well at least it was a recessional, which is not formally part of the Mass liturgy.


Lord have mercy


That’s a bit unusual. At least the lyrics are non-offensive!

edit - just watched the vid, some people seemed to be really enjoying it - others looked bemused. :slight_smile: Perhaps it’s something to do with the fact that the church is a modern building, I don’t know. Can’t see that working in our Victorian church, and we have a very jolly priest.


what are your thoughts about this…? Personally I find it sad…regardless of the fact that the recessional is supposedly NOT part of the Liturgy, and I question this fact.,it’s sad…ofcourse “I” am not happy about guitars piano and an a choir (despite their obvious talent) that dominates the ‘sacrifice’ of the Mass…I usually pray my Rosary during these long drawn out moments where I can almost see the Priest’s facial expression indicating he’s ready to move on…by the way…I can pray at least one decade of the Rosary during these moments, and STILL be aware of and mentally be in the moment where that part of the Liturgy…and still concentrate on the mystery…I don’t attend Mass to be entertained…If I wanted entertainment I would go to a church with the big screen and the 4-5 piece assemble drums and all…PAX


Was it during a so called contemporary music Mass? We have one at our church, although it’s normally at least Christian music that is sung :rolleyes: I wasn’t comfortable watching the clip, mostly because of the guy jumping around in the front trying to get people to clap hands. The recessional is so close after the Eucharist I’m normally still quiet and reflective. I don’t want to be assaulted with a karaoke version of an overplayed pop song :blush:



Blech!! I feel I’m going to be sick.


I didn’t much care for that. I think I would have been very uncomfortable if I had been present.


That is a little surprising. Most churches that I know would refuse to play any secular music. I’m fact every church I know would even refuse to play here comes the bride because it is a secular song and is not liturgically correct.


Unacceptable. Google some other Pharrell lyrics. You’ll learn why.


At one church I attend the organist often plays after the recessional is over. One time the LSU Fight Song was played. With such a great body of sacred music out there…why, oh why?



'Nuf said.


And to think I was upset by the presence of two over-amplified guitars, a muted piano, and a “choir” of 20 at a mass in an otherwise beautiful space attended by over 1000 folks yesterday.

Thanks for the perspective. :frowning:


I went to your link…and now can’t get “Happy” out of my head. :eek:


MalibuBoy, is this a video that you posted on YouTube from your parish?

The reason I ask is that at no point in the video did I see any recessional procession or the presence of a priest.

People do appear to be leaving after the song is over, so it seems consistent with that possibility. I guess I’m just hoping that it’s not really from Mass (even if one might draw a distinction between the close of the Mass and the recessional hymn). :o


This. It was somewhat manic, which is always uncomfortable.

Of course, I also think that just going to Mass is not blanket permission for people to post your image on youtube. I’m not really sure that having a secular song as the recessional is worse than taping people without their permission and posting them on the internet so that they can provide a (presumably bad) example of music at the Mass.

Just looking at it from all sides… :wink:



There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in public. Seeing as how anyone can attend Mass, I’d reckon that’s considered “public.”

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